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Re: FW: US intervention in Lalgarh

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Subject: US intervention in Lalgarh

Latest Report from Lalgarh


Amit Bhattacharyya


Dated, 28 June, 2009


The Bengali daily Sanbad Pratidin of 27 June 2009 carried a front-page news item which clearly shows that US intelligence agencies and the Indian space research centre, the ISRO are very much involved in this war declared by the central and WB state government against the people of Lalgarh. The report is captioned 'Chemical dyes and foreign technology used to locate Mao', and written by Rajarshee Dasgupta. This is a free translation.


"Goaltore: A literally 'high tech' war has started in Lalgarh.  The names of both the US intelligence satellite and the Indian space research centre, ISRO have been tagged with this war preparation for regaining the areas held by the Maoists. On the other hand, in order to trace the Maoist guerrillas who have kept themselves mixed with the villagers, the administration has taken the help of the most modern technology. At the beginning of the second round of the 'Operation Lalgarh', the air force has dropped special chemical dyes over Murarka village adjoining the Burishol forest where 1,500 Maoist guerrillas are supposed to be holed up. In case that dye falls on the bodies of the guerrillas, that colour will last for one year. It means that after they are driven out from that area by the forces, they would take shelter in another village; it would thus be easy to identify them. As a result, the Maoists, on the one hand, would not be able to get themselves mixed up with the villagers; on the other hand, the police forces would not be accused of arresting innocent people while going for the Maoists. The first part in this 'high tech' war was successful on Friday(i.e,26 June). There will be a fresh expedition on Saturday. On that day, the administration has taken the decision to apply this special method.


For the last eight months, the police were totally in the dark about what had been taking place in the interior. It was only after decision was taken to undertake joint expedition that the state home department woke up from its slumber. They requested the central government to help them know about the whereabouts, base area, the location of the forces etc of the Maoist guerrillas inside the 'core area'. After a lot of discussion, it was decided that foreign technological assistance would be taken. The central home department also thought about satellite pictures. Accordingly, the government turned towards the ISRO and US technology. It was through RI Sat-2 and US intelligence satellite that areas such as Baroperlia, Kantapahari, Ramgarh, Mahultal, Kadashol, Pingboni, Goaltore on one side and Dhrampur and Jhitka on the other came under the satellite scanner. After continuous scanning, the two institutes started sending still pictures. Then army intelligence officers were called upon to analyze the data. The army intelligence officials sat down at the eastern army headquarter at Fort William, Kolkata and noticed the movement of a massive guerrilla army inside the Kadashol forest. They could also identify the movements of armed squads in Ramgarh-Narcha region. The news of a red Maruti van being parked in Ramgarh bazaar was communicated to police officials in charge of operations. On the basis of this information, the expedition started from Goaltore towards Ramgarh. More companies of the central forces were brought in. After that, order was given to those leading police supers, deputy supers and CRPF commandants for march. Ultimately, the expedition started on Friday(i.e, 26 June). As the forces had prior knowledge about the area, the joint forces could, with ease, capture the 6-km area from Goaltore to Kadashol by overcoming the difficulty posed by 12 landmines and the Maoist guns.


In course of the expedition, time and again did debate broke out over the question of how to separate Maoists from the villagers. It was to overcome this problem that the decision to drop one particular chemical from the helicopter was taken. On Friday, it was dropped on the Maoist guerrillas on an experimental basis. On different occasions in foreign countries and in many a war, this method was applied. It is in Lalgarh that for the first time in a state-led expedition, such things were applied against the secessionists(sic!). On the whole, it can be stated that from the satellite pictures to the dropping of helicopters—everything in the 'Operation Lalgarh' is 'high tech'".





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Palash Biswas
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Heading to Permanent INSURGENCY in Absence of DEMOCRACY and SOCIAL Movement. A Full Generation ABSCONDS or Being DRUG ADDICTED. India Incs Make the BUDGET. NILEKANI Interview.

Heading to Permanent INSURGENCY in Absence of DEMOCRACY and SOCIAL Movement. A Full Generation ABSCONDS or Being DRUG ADDICTED. India Incs Make the BUDGET. NILEKANI Interview.
Troubled Galaxy Destroyed Dreams, Chapter 271
Palash Biswas

ANALYSIS-Maoist insurgency can hurt industry in India-experts

Reuters - Bappa MajumdarJatindra Dash - ‎Jun 23, 2009‎
NEW DELHI, June 23 (Reuters) - The growing Maoist insurgency in India over large swathes of the mineral-rich countryside could soon hurt ...
Who let them in? Daily News & Analysis

Why dialogue with Pakistan is futile

Rediff - ‎1 hour ago‎
... involvement of Pakistan in the insurgency and provides some new and quite startling details of the jihad that Pakistan waged against India in Kashmir. ...
US Clinton names Kashmiri-origin woman as env

India intensifies Maoist battles

BBC News - ‎2 hours ago‎
Fierce gun battles are raging in dense forest as Indian security forces close in on Maoist guerrillas in the state of West Bengal, officials say.
Indian Express - Hindu - Times of India  - Wikipedia: Operation Lalgarh

Baghdad set for US pullback party

BBC News - ‎1 hour ago‎
Iraq is preparing for a giant party in a Baghdad park and a special holiday as US troops approach their deadline to quit cities and towns. - Xinhua - -

Sensex ends volatile session flat; budget awaited

Economic Times - Mohammed Sabir - ‎2 hours ago‎
MUMBAI: Volatile stock market indices ended little changed Monday as undecisive traders booked profit in frontline stocks in the last one hour of the session. - - हिंदी में

Thriller voted Michael Jackson's best ever track

Oneindia - ‎3 hours ago‎
Washington, (ANI): Fans of King of Pop Michael Jackson have voted "Thriller" his best ever track in a poll after his sudden death.

Jackson's son saw him collapse

Times of India - ‎8 hours ago‎
Michael Jackson's son was with the singer when he collapsed, and thought his father was just "clowning around". Jackson biographer Stacy Brown alleged ''Prince'' Michael Jackson Jr.
Washington Post - Brisbane Times -  - Wikipedia: Death of Michael Jackson

Thriller voted Michael Jackson's best ever track

Oneindia - ‎3 hours ago‎
Washington, (ANI): Fans of King of Pop Michael Jackson have voted "Thriller" his best ever track in a poll after his sudden death.

Jackson's son saw him collapse

Times of India - ‎8 hours ago‎
Michael Jackson's son was with the singer when he collapsed, and thought his father was just "clowning around". Jackson biographer Stacy Brown alleged ''Prince'' Michael Jackson Jr.
Washington Post - Brisbane Times -  - Wikipedia: Death of Michael Jackson
Out of sight: army of youths
A whole generation of tribal youths is not in sight in villages the security forces have been through in Lalgarh, prompting fears that some could have taken shelter in forests and eventually become part of a "permanent insurgency". ...  | Read..

Will start issuing national IDs by May 2010: Montek Singh

Published on Thu, Jun 25, 2009 at 15:25 , Updated at Thu, Jun 25, 2009 at 18:19
Source : CNBC-TV18

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Nandan Nilekani has stepped down as the Co-Chairman of Infosys Technologies and has been appointed as head of the National ID Card Project Authority. He will now hold the rank of a Cabinet Minister.

Also read: Nilekani quits Infosys, to head govt's national ID project

What is the National ID Project?

The government had earlier announced massive project which would provide a unique identification number for every citizen of India. This card would give the citizen a 16-digit ID number, which provides financial, educational, health related information of the card-holder. This would be a secure card for which recommendation was made by the Technical Committee.

Commenting on the project and Nadan Nilekani's appointment, the Planning Commission Deputy Chairman, Montek Singh Ahluwalia said the new head had said the government would be in a position to start testing out the system and to start issuing cards to at least some people within a year.

Here is a verbatim transcript of the exclusive interview with Montek Singh Ahluwalia on CNBC-TV18. Also watch the accompanying video.

Q: Just in terms of your own calculations what size do you envisage this project to be and what would be the timeline for its final rollout? When would the core part of it finish and how much do you think it will cost the government by the time it gets over with it?

A: I think on the matter of cost I can assure you that it will be a huge saving of money because at the moment different agencies are doing their own ID cards and this will be a very superior card with much higher levels of security. The fact that others won't have to do the same thing would actually save the government a lot of money.

As far as the timelines are concerned, I'm meeting with Nandan Nilekani who is the new head of the authority, as you know; the government earlier today announced that he had been invited to take over. I believe he has agreed to do that. He will join us in the rank of cabinet minister but exactly when he is going to join will have to be confirmed with him. I'm meeting him later in the afternoon. So, I don't want to indicate timelines. But when I last discussed this with Nandan, he was hopeful that at least on a pilot basis we should be in a position to start testing out the system and to start issuing cards to at least some people within about a year.

Economy to recover after Sept: PMEAC

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Posted: Jun 29, 2009 at 1307 hrs IST

New Delhi The economy will start recovering after September, the head of Prime Minister's economic advisory council, Suresh Tendulkar, said on Monday.

The economy expanded 6.7 per cent in 2008/09 (April/March), and the RBI estimates growth at 6 per cent this year.

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Maya statues: SC issues show-cause notice to UP Govt

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Posted: Jun 29, 2009 at 1752 hrs IST
Mayawati's statue

New Delhi Uttar Pradesh Government's controversial project of installing statues of Chief Minister Mayawati on Monday came under the scrutiny of the Supreme Court which sought an explanation from it for allegedly spending crores of rupees from the state exchequer.

The apex court issued show cause notice to the state government and Chief Minister after noting several allegations in a public interest litiattion (PIL) including that 90 per cent of the budget of the Uttar Pradesh Cultural department was used for installation of the statues of Mayawati, Bahujan Samaj Party founder Kanshi Ram and party symbol elephant.

"Notice to show-cause why the petition should not be admitted," a vacation bench comprising Justices Dalveer Bhandari and A K Ganguly said and sought reply within four weeks from the Uttar Pradesh Government, Mayawati, BSP and Election Commission which are named as respondents in the PIL filed by Supreme Court advocate Ravi Kant.

Kant alleged that the total money used by Mayawati from the state budget for 2008-09 and 2009-10 for such projects was to the tune of Rs.2,000 crore to "falsely glorify" the Chief Minister.

No sooner the order was issued, Mayawati's close aide and senior advocate Satish Chandra Mishra voiced his protest but the Bench said whatever he has to say he can to do it by way of reply to the notice.

Mishra, who resisted the issuance of notice, alleged that "it is a politically interest litigation filed at the behest of others (political rivals)" noting that even before the petition came up for hearing, the petitioners had gone before the media.

He said notice at this stage would open a larger issue relating to the use of public land and made a selective reference to Teen Murti Bhavan in the capital saying the land itself cost over Rs 500 crore.

However, the Bench was unmoved and said "whatever you have to say you can say it in the reply".

It reminded Mishra that it has only noted the allegations in the PIL which said "hundreds of crores of rupees" meant for developmental work were being used by the UP Government for personal glorification of leaders and installing their statues.

Before Mishra, senior advocate U U Lalit, appearing for the state goverment, contended that it was not the case for issuance of notice as the apex court in the past had passed orders in favour of the state government on the same issue which the petitioners are not aware.

Lalit was responding to the Bench which wanted to know from him whether he would like to file a reply to the PIL.

He said the issue has been going on for the past two years and "every single expenditure has been approved by the House (State Assembly).

Obama beats Brad Pitt as most stylish man!

Move aside Brad Pitt. US President Barack Obama has beaten all the usual male style icons to be named the world's most stylish man in a poll.

The survey of 3,000 men put the 47-year-old president at the top of the style list after impressing people all over the world with his suits and dress sense.

Actor Brad Pitt came second, praised for his ability to look stylish in a suit or in jeans.

Third in the poll, conducted by researcher, was British footballer David Beckham, whose trendy style has seen him become one of the most photographed men in the world and the face - and body - for Giorgio Armani's underwear campaign.

"Barack Obama has a great sense of style, which no doubt adds to his popularity," said Jonathan Heilbron, CEO of luxury British shirt brand Thomas Pink which commissioned the poll.

"World leaders and politicians are not known for their dress sense, so it's refreshing to have Obama who seems to genuinely care about his appearance."

James Bond star, actor Daniel Craig, was voted fourth in the list, followed by US actor Al Pacino.

Rounding out the top 10 were actors George Clooney, Bill Nighy, Clint Eastwood and Will Smith as well as painter and filmmaker Andy Warhol.

The ILLUMINATI prepares the BUDGET in India on Washington Lines and the Finance Minister is always Americanised. The Government of Manusmriti India Incorporation is all set for the FINAL KIll!

The Telegraph published a Front Page story today and the theme is alarming. The full GENERATION of Tribal Youth does ABSCOND the villages and it is understood it has joined the Maoist Squad! Lalgarh and Narayan Patna in Orissa may be LIBERATED by the deciding STRIKE POWER and Killing Licence of Indian Security Forces. But the symptoms herald very well, as I am afraid to say with ample Proof that the Nation heads to PERMANENT INSURGENCY!
Ruled by EXTRA CONSTITUTIONAL ELEMENTS,Eunuchs, WASHINGTON Slaves, Immoral Imposters under the COLONIAL India Incorporation Government, we heavily depend upon the IMPOSED Law and ORDER enforced by force. Otherwise it is TOTAL ANARCHY. Industrial Revolution and BRITISH RAJ ended the AGRARIAN State of the MUGHALS as well as so called DARK AGE.RAJ abolished the feudal system led by landlord and Princes but created ZAMINDARS and the FEUDAL CIVIL SOCIETY and the privileged INTELLIGENTSIA. We still lack the BASIC Set Up of Industrialisation and modernisation,but have killed all means of Indigenous Livelihood and production system killing the Nature as well as the Nature associated People. The GREATEST element of Indian Feudal set U, the CASTE SYSTEM  and APARTHEID in form of Untouchability with inherent Inequality, Injustice and Violation of Human and civil Rights exist with ENSLAVEMENT of Majority Eighty five percent population sustaining Manusmriti Rule and Brahaminical Hegemony.

India could gain $15 billion a year by implementing the Goods and Service Tax (GST) as it would boost exports, raise employment and

spur growth, the head of a government panel said on Monday.

Finance Minister Pranab Mukherjee is expected to lay a roadmap for the launch of the ambitious tax reform in his budget speech next Monday. It is expected to be implemented across the country from April, 2010.

The new tax system, which will replace all major central and state taxes, is expected to lower tax rates by broadening the tax base and minimise exemptions, Vijay Kelkar, Chairman, of the 13th Finance Commission said.

Kelkar said implementation of GST had raised Canada's GDP by 1.4 per cent and would help India redistribute the tax burden equitably between manufacturing and services.

"In India we can expect a similar kind of positive impact. This means gains of about $15 billion annually," he was quoted as saying in speech, a copy of which was made available by the finance ministry.

The panel, which has been set up to determine the devolution of federal taxes to states for five years, is expected to submit its report soon.

Referring to opposition to GST by some state governments, Kelkar said the panel could provide a compensation package to states and help speed up the implementation of a "flawless" GST.

Kelkar said railways, construction and real estate activities need to be brought under the GST as it would generate extra revenue for the government.
I have bben talking to my AMBEDKARITE as well as Marxist friends,Social Eco Human Right activists all the time that we have to keep in mind Total AMBEDKARITE Ideology and Ambekarite Agenda of Abolition of CASTE in mind whenever we talk anything about Change. I have been insisting that basically AMBEDKARITE Ideology deals with ECONOMICS and Political Economy apart from equality and social justice.
I beg your pardon,dear VTR and Dalit Voice team, I have to say that the Casteology to strike workable Caste Community Clubbing led by the Brahamins and the STETUE SPREE would rather STRENGTHEN the Hegemony and caste System.This trend of sharing Power without EMPOWERMENT would lead us to the TOTAL DESTRUCTION of Ambedkar Ideology. Mayawati with her naked AMBITIONS would DESTROY the Aboriginal INDIGENOUS movement in India for EVER.
As I had always been warning: BE AWARE of AMERICA since first GULF War, I must warn my friends: Be AWARE of MAYAWATI.
 We need not any QUEEN, not even a DALIT Queen!

The Supreme Court Monday asked the Uttar Pradesh government to explain, within four weeks, the use of public money for installing statues of Chief Minister Mayawati and other prominent Dalit leaders!

The NEED of the hour is a NATIONAL INCLUSIVE DEMOCRATIC LIBERATION MOVEMENT! Any local Insurrection or Insurgency, certain liberated Base areas and PROJECTED Mass Movement, INTELLIGENTSIA or Capitalist Feudal CIVIL Societies would SUBVERT and DIVERT us only!
The NEED is an UNIFIED AMBEDKARITE MARXIST SOCIO Political National Movement without any delay. SINCE the basic OBJECTIVE and IDEOLOGY of Marxism  and AMBEDKARITE Ideology have no CONTRADICTION at all if we understand the society, know the History, may add and deduct,read the ECONOMIST and intend to RESIST the ZIONIST BRAHAMINICAL IMPERIALIST FASCIST Global ILLUMINATI CORPORATE Order of WAR, CIVIL WAR and the Agenda of MONOPOLISTIC Aggression and MASS DESTRUCTION.
WE must Stand UNITED and ACT Immediately.
It is an IRONY that the MARXISTS or Maoists Never do read Ambedkar or Lohia. They import the solution of an Indian Puzzle from developed World, EUROPE and neglects Indian Reality. On the other hand, Ambedkarites hate ACADEMIC and systematic studies depriving themselves of Knowledge as well as Information. They hate Marx, Lenin and Mao from the bottom of their heart and fail to get a VISION for mass mobilisation.
 An Insurrection against Manusmriti rule demands a National Liberation Movement AFRESH to reverse the History right from Pushyamitra Sung after the DEMISE of Buddhism and Charvak darshan while VEDAS were doctored and EPICS as well as Upanishads were written and publicised as SACRED Books to justify the ARYAN Rule DEMONISING the Non Aryan Landscape and human scape.
That is why the RULING Class does divide the landscape into three major regions Himalayan, Central and North India, and finally south India alienating each from another and SEGREGATING TRIBALS all over the country with the CONTINUITY of Manusmriti Rule, Caste System and ASHWAMEDH Ygya which suit very well to the Agenda of TRI Iblis Satanic Global Corporate ILLUMINATI of Monopolistic Aggression and Mass Destruction Agenda!
Thus, Indian Bollywood Film Maker tries to Justify BUSH Warfare and the war against Terror with a Third grade Production New York!
Mind you, it is irrelevant how deep was Ambedkar`s study in Marxism. But he knew well Marxism. Hence he could introduce Trade Union Right, Eight hours working hour, maternity leave, Hindu code Bill! Thus, he could write Annihilation of Caste, Problems of Rupee  and Small Holding! Thus, he could involve in research works on revenue and Human Resource management. Nothing goes against the basic CONCEPT of Marxism or Maoism! It is TRUE that Ambedkar was against the Marxists. But it was not because of the Ideology itself. But he was against the Brahaminical leadership of Indian communist movement and its Hypocrisy and betrayals!
Ambedkar developed his vision  with the same instrument as the Marxist and Maoist leaders worldwide, developed.
 It is simply JUSTIFIED without the help of algebra or Trigonometry!
China and Mao Tse Tung adopted Communism in accordance with the need and demand of Chinese Agrarian Society
China DID not REPLICATE USSR as East Europe did.
European Industrial society and traditional Asian Societies DIFFER Historically, Economically and Demographically.
 Indian Communists did neglect the TRUTH!
If you allow my friends, I may dare AMBEDKAR adopted a socio economic political theory based on the deep roots of Indian society and History, folk and culture. He owed it to BUDDHISM and its REVOLUTIONARY ideology.
 But his concept of Annihilation of caste has always been more RELEVANT than the ANNIHILATION Of Class Enemy!
It is the Real Class Struggle in India against the Manusmriti Rule and without understanding Ambedkar and his Vision any Communist Movement is all about Caste Hindu Brahaminical Power Politics and so it has been all the way!
I regret that I Never CARED to read Ambedkar or Lohia though I lost valuable time to study the BASTARDISED Gandhian Ideology which is the Main Pillar of Brahmin Bania Raj and Corporate Imperialism as well as Zionist fascism.
For me this BLOODY Gandhian ideology is more Dangerous than RSS.
 Gandhian Ideology remains a Systematic MIND Control, Brain Washing and Dominating Ideology to sustain Manusmriti Rule even under Unipolar ILLUMINATI Global Zionist IMPERIALISM.
RSS is only the SUPPORTING VERB! Nothing Else. But our Marxist friends always failed to identify the main Enemy. It supported LPG Mafia and the GANDHIAN Dynasty right from the Beginning!
BAMCEF friends belonging to different factions boast to have National Network and do try their best to mobilise SOCIAL MOVEMENT with BIG SEMINARS and Great CONFERENCES. But the effort is limited within the RESOURCEFUL IAS IPS and First Class Officers with white Color people.
 The try to mobilise RESOURCES to run the NON EXISTING SOCIAL MOVEMENT.
They would never take the STREETS as the LEFTIST TRADE UNIONS do tend to witness,and even COOPERATE the SELL OFF of the Country.
The AMBEDKARITES and the MARXISTS, only two types of GENUINE Social POLITICAL forces having National Network, fail to take the INITIATIVE to lead the people and the COUNTRY as they HAVE NO GRASS ROOT Connection whatsoever.
Hence the people of WEST BENGAL chose to VOTE Mamata Bannerjee as they aspire to DEFEAT the CAPITALIST MARXISTS and the REGIMENTED GESTAPO in the DEATH Chamber!
The GREATEST Danger involves the GENERATION Nest deprived of the JOB Opportunities, Higher EDUCATION and a DEFINITE Social role.
The Nation SUCCUMBS.
In Indian SUBCONTINENT, Marriage continues and thus, the only INSTITUTION of HUMANITY and Human BOND Family survives despite so much STRESS and DISINTEGRATION.
ALIENATION of the YOUTH, Rav Parties, Drug ADDICTION,INSURGENCY lead them to the VALLEY of DEATH and transforming the Entire Nation into an INFINITE REHAB, we may not save the generation Next, I am AFRAID.
BEING the HOLDER of the legacy of history, anthropology, civilisation,Knowledge, Sate and after all HUMANITY, we HAVE to defend the CONTINUITY of CIVILISATION as well as HUMANITY. it is rather more IMPORTANT than the continuity of ECONOMIC Reforms!
Last Day was HECTIC for me. I had four or five meetings to attend including one of engineers. But the  ACCIDENT in Sodepur DISCONNECTED me and Involved me in People`w DEMONSTRATION. I had to skip most of the meetings due to time CRUNCH. IT was a day without Nationwide INTERACTIONS. But I had to return to my workplace at nine in the NIGHT only.
In Jadavpur, I had the opportunity to meet an Old friend, an OFFICER of Commissioner level. I would not name him for justified reason. since I could not connect him for months , I asked his whereabouts and then,  he shared his DEVASTATING Experience which shocked and stunned me.
 I know Minister, Vice Chancellors, Registrars, Doctors, Professors, Engineers, Journalists, Writers, Industrialists personally who suffer from DEPRESSION due to family and children in Personality Disorder.
But this friend and his wife, both have become Psychiatric patients and have to go to REHAB just because both of their sons turned Drug Addicted in College Campus.
The Elder one had been in REHAB for a long time. He had been in ICU and getting out from there he got a job in Maharashtra where he married a Marathi Girl. He refuses to recognise his parents though he needs medical attention.
Marathi Police fails to understand the trouble of the old couple as they find nothing like personality Disorder in the son.
The younger son was a BRILLIANT ENGINEERING Student in the ICONIC Jadavpur University campus. He also got DRUG Addicted. He was sent to REHAB. My friend his wife got him relieved form Bangalore wife.
The lady returned home by next flight. The man stayed in Bangalore with the ailing son. But the BOY in DRUG Influence lost control of mind and tried to kill the father when he was ASLEEP. My Friend SURVIVED and admitted the boy in ICU.
Now, the Younger son is normal and has joined the campus again. The couple transformed their three story home into a Girl students` mess and shifted to SUBURBAN kalayani.
Where from the boy comes to the University campus with a Body Guard so that he should not REMIX into earlier life.
The Generation Next has only two OPTIONS now, Maoism or DRUG Addiction!
Who is responsible for this?

On the other hand,
Both Michael Jackson's family and his personal physician were at pains to explain on Sunday what caused the troubled pop star's sudden death weeks before his long-awaited comeback.

Dr. Conrad Murray, who was at Jackson's side when he died, told police he did not inject the singer with painkillers before his fatal cardiac arrest on Thursday, his lawyer said on Sunday after reports he received a shot of narcotic Demerol.

When asked at Sunday's BET Awards about the care his son received from doctors in his last moments, Jackson's father, Joe, said, "I have a lot of concerns. ... I can't get into that, but I don't like what happened."

He said funeral arrangements for the King of Pop were still being discussed. A family friend said services could take place on Wednesday and the body could be buried at Jackson's famous Neverland Ranch.

Tension over the mysterious death came to the surface at the BET Awards, modified at the last minute as a tribute to Jackson's musical genius. Some stars bristled over coverage of Jackson's downward spiral during the last decade, filled with accusations of child molestation and bizarre behaviour.

"He is one of our heroes," said rap artist and music impresario Sean "Diddy" Combs. "As African Americans, we are not going to let everybody beat him up."

Jackson, 50, was weeks away from an anticipated comeback with a series of 50 concerts in London. He rehearsed regularly up to the night before his death.

Concerns about his health had been rampant during his 2005 trial in California on charges of child sex abuse, of which he was acquitted. Last year, he was photographed in Las Vegas in a wheelchair.

Meanwhile, Security forces on Monday took control of Kantapahari, setting up a police camp after four years in the hub of Maoist-backed tribal agitation, with West Bengal Government claiming that 95 per cent of the areas have been wrested from the ultras in West Midnapore district. Around 1600 personnel of paramilitary forces, police and CoBRA, the special anti-naxal force, reached Kantapahari from both Lalgarh and Ramgarh ends as a helicopter kept an aerial vigil.

The Maoists set off a landmine and fired at the security forces in a forested area between Pirakata and Lalgarh but the troops retaliated. DIG CID (Special Operations Group) Siddhinath Gupta said here that the forces were now in full control of Kantapahari. A police camp had existed here till 2005 but was withdrawn. "A camp will be set up here after all these years."

In Kolkata, Chief Minister Buddhadeb Bhattacharjee informed that the joint forces had been able to liberate nearly 95 per cent of the areas. The operations had been bloodless with no major encounter. Security forces reached Boropelia village, home of People's Committee Against Police Atrocities convenor Chhatradhar Mahato, leader of the group spearheading the agitation, but he remained elusive. He had been spotted in Kantapahari on Sunday.

However, police were confident that they will soon arrest him soon. "We will arrest him (Mahato)," DIG (Midnapore Range) Praveen Kumar said. He said that the operations had not ended. "Entering Kantapahari was part of it."

The forces, comprising the CRPF, BSF, State Armed Police and India Reserve Battalion, set out at around 7:00 AM from Lalgarh, secured on June 19 in the first phase of the operations and Ramgarh, taken over last Saturday, a senior CRPF officer said.

The police would remain till normalcy is restored, the chief minister was quoted as saying by PWD Minister Kshiti Goswami after a cabinet core committee meeting. The chief minister also assured the ministers that the Unlawful Activities (Prevention) Act under which the Centre recently banned the Communist Party of India (Maoist) would not be used indiscriminately.

Midnapore district police superintendent Manoj Verma said "People have come forward to cooperate. We hope this cooperation will continue. We will establish the rule of law." Kantapahari and surrounding villages of Boropelia, Chottopelia and Dalilpur Chowk, were the places where the tribals backed by Maoists had launched their agitation in protest against police atrocities in November last year following a landmine blast in which Chief Minister Buddhadeb Bhattacharjee and two Union Ministers had a narrow escape.

The Maoists went on the rampage targeting ruling CPI(M) cadres and offices and had virtually taken control of a large area in West Midnapore district after driving away police and paramilitary forces. When the forces re-entered Chhotopelia, Boropelia and Dalilchawk villages, they were deserted except for a few elderly people.

Parvati Kisku, a woman who had to take care of her paralytic sister, said she had to stay behind as she could not leave her sibling. Prafulla Patra, whose son is a paraplegic, also said the same thing. Apart from Kisku and Patra, two or three aged couples were still in the village.

According to the police, Mahato's PCPA which opened "relief camps" at Dewantikri and Kantapahari had cooked 'khichri' for the inmates and supervised its distribution. Last night, a PCPA meeting was held at Dalilchawk where it was decided that it would be ensured that their leaders were not arrested, sources said. Meanwhile, at the Narcha relief camp, a woman who had given birth to boy five days ago was worried as he had fallen ill. The security forces after moving in called up the BDO and asked him to see that she received medical attention.

Centre mulls phase-wise withdrawal of AFSPA in J-K

 New Delhi The Centre is considering a proposal for phased withdrawal of Armed Forces Special Powers Act (AFSPA) in Jammu and Kashmir following a strong case made out by state Chief Minister Omar Abdullah for scrapping it with the Central leadership.

To begin with, Centre is likely to explore the possibility of phased withdrawal of the AFSPA in two districts of Kashmir - Srinagar and Budgam - and two in Jammu region - Jammu and Kathua - where incidents of violence has shown a marked decline, official sources said.

The Chief Minister has held a series of meetings with Union Home Minister P Chidambaram and Defence Minister A K Antony during the recent past where he raised the issue of either amending the AFSPA, repealing it or taking it out of the state in a phased manner.

Omar gave a roadmap for its phased withdrawal beginning with the districts which have registered no or bare minimum violence during the past one year and in this context he gave examples of the four districts.

Sources in the Government said that while the situation in militancy-hit state has improved to a large extent, a serious thought could be given to the state's demand.

A meeting between Home and Defence Ministries officials may be held soon to elicit the views of the Army and Central para-military forces, which have been fighting militancy in Jammu and Kashmir for the past two decades, the sources said

Kashmir was near resolution in 2001, claims Musharraf

Islamabad Former Pakistan President Pervez Musharraf has claimed that the Kashmir problem was near resolution during his regime and dismissed accusations that the powerful army did not want the settlement of the issue.

Musharraf claimed he and former Prime Minister Atal Bihari Vajpayee had, during the 2001 Agra summit, even agreed to the draft of a joint declaration under which all issues, including Kashmir, could have been resolved.

"But the Indian leadership changed their mind at the last minute and did not support the joint declaration, saying that the Cabinet had not approved it," Musharraf said in an interview to 'Dunya News' channel.

Accusations that the Army does not want a resolution to Kashmir issue are 'vicious propaganda' and the need for the Army would remain even if the problem is resolved, he said.

Musharraf said he held talks with all stakeholders in the Kashmir issue, including the Hurriyat Conference and the leadership of Pakistan-occupied Kashmir, for the resolution of the issue "but no one could guide me in the right direction."

He also said he had convinced the entire leadership in Kashmir, except hardliner Ali Shah Gilani, about his four-point formula which envisaged de-militarisation and joint control of the region.

HRD asks CBSE to provide revised proposal on grading system


 New Delhi The HRD Ministry has asked the CBSE to provide a revised proposal relating to replacement of marking system by grades in its Class X examinations.
The ministry last week asked the CBSE, which had submitted a proposal in this regard, to clarify certain issues, including how grading would be calculated, a source in CBSE said.
"We have been asked to submit a revised proposal on the matter, with details on calculation of grading and how it would be reflected in the certificates," the source said.
CBSE Examination Controller M C Sharma said that there are several models on gradings. While some retain pass and fail system, others do not stick to the criteria.
The most popular system is the nine-point grading system which says that the whole range of marks would be distributed into nine grades. The last grade would be considered as unsatisfactory or poor grade.
Those securing over 90 per cent would get A grade indicating their outstanding performance in the test. Further grades would be A1, B, B1, C, C1, D, D1 and E.
The in-charge chairman of CBSE Veenith Joshi is heading the expert committee which will give the final shape to the grading model. Then it will be sent to the Ministry for approval, the source said.
Sibal had last week said the step aimed at reducing stress on students and parents. He also mooted the idea of making class-X board examination optional for promotion of students to class-XI in the same school. If accepted, the new system will come into force from 2010-11 session.

'FM may fall back on disinvestment for Budget'
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Posted: Jun 29, 2009 at 1649 hrs IST
Pranab mukherjee

Sensex movement post-Budget may defy tre...Montek hints at a 'popular' budgetGovt considering removal of FBT, service...Finmin may dilute Fringe Benefit Tax in ...

New Delhi Finance Minister Pranab Mukherjee might have to fall back on disinvestment and other non-tax revenue sources while presenting the Budget for 2009-10 on July 6, economists believe.
"There is little room to cut expenditure or hike revenue. In this scenario, the government will go for disinvestment, auction of spectrum and other non-tax revenue to check fiscal deficit," economic think tank National Council for Applied Economic Research senior fellow Shashank Bhide said.
He said the government might take some major decisions related to disinvestment in big public sector units.
Economists feel Mukherjee faces the double challenge of spurring growth in the sagging economy and checking the increasing burden on the government's exchequer.
"Rise in fiscal deficit is sure a matter of concern, but the government's focus will be on boosting demand in domestic economy and facilitating increase of purchasing power in the backdrop of global meltdown," senior fellow at Research and Information System (RIS) Sachin Chaturvedi said.
To revive growth, the economists suggest heavy investment in infrastructure such as roads, freight corridor and linking of rivers, and social sectors programmes like employment guarantee scheme, health and education.
NCAER's Bhide said the government is likely to reduce tax on investments in housing projects and infrastructure and may issue infrastructure bonds in its efforts to put the economy back on the growth trajectory.
The global downturn has pulled down the growth of Indian economy to 6.7 per cent in the last fiscal from the high of 9 per cent in 2007-08 and 9.6 per cent in the year 2006-07.
While, during the interim Budget in February the government targeted limiting the fiscal deficit fixed to 5.5 per cent of GDP, the financial year 2008-09 saw the deficit at 6.2 per cent.
"The government is likely to give priority to the development of social, economic and agriculture sectors," economist Tushar Bhattacharya, who has worked with several industry and trade bodies pointed out.
Bhattacharya added that the fear of falling exports on the back of global slowdown continues and that the government might take steps to boost exports to the Africa and the Latin America.
Speaking about service tax, Bhide said there might be some increase in the forthcoming budget, however, Chaturvedi and Bhattacharya feel there is very little scope for any such rise. 

Indian PM should induct more professionals in government, says Silicon Valley's Kanwal Rekhi

(Source: IANS)
Published: Fri, 26 Jun 2009 at 15:01 IST
Silicon Valley (US): Hailing the appointment of Infosys chief Nandan Nilekani as chairman of the Unique Identification Database Authority of India (UIDAI), Silicon Valley's Indian giant Kanwal Rekhi said Prime Minister Manmohan Singh should induct more professionals in his government.

"This is a very good move. India needs to develop a tradition of public service for retired talent from the private sector as in the US," the most celebrated alumni of Mumbai IIT where he has set up the School of Information Technology with a $3 million corpus, told IANS in an interview.

"Capitalising on their experience and managerial talent will serve the nation well. Hopefully many more appointments like this will follow," he said.

Calling the Indian prime minister "not much of a liberaliser", he said, "Manmohan Singh disappointed in his first five years. He should lose no time this time around to speed up reforms."

Questioning Manmohan Singh record as a reformer, he said, "I don't think of him (Manmohan Singh) as an instinctive liberaliser. Though I am no votary of Hindutva, the BJP (Bharatiya Janata Party) quickly liberalised major sectors - aviation, telecom, infrastructure, government enterprises like Maruti.

"What has Manmohan Singh done after the BJP left in 2004? Opposition of the left was a handy excuse for not moving on the economic front. Even after he called their bluff on the India-US nuclear deal, he did not move on the economic front."

Though he commended Lalu Yadav for doing "a good job" as the railway minister, the outspoken IITian said, "But he didn't built upon the success. He didn't put the profits back into the railways. He was busy with his agenda for Bihar. I think railways should get privatized also."

He said the Indian government-run enterprises are the dens of corruption and inefficiency and must be privatised.

"Any activity that can be run for profit in the private sector ought not be a part of government activity," he said.

"Many people oppose privatisation saying that if government-owned enterprises are run like capitalist enterprises, who will help India's poor people. But how have government-run enterprises helped India's poor when they make huge losses and suck the taxpayers' money which can be used to help the poor in social sectors?" asked the venture capitalist of Silicon Valley.

"On the other hand, look what privatisation in the aviation and telecom sectors have done for Indians. These sectors are now thriving and creating millions of jobs for India's poor. Why should the government run inefficient Air India when Jet Airways is doing so well?" he said.

Manmohan Singh, he said, would be postponing India's prosperity if he does not go for wholesale reforms and privatisation immediately.

"The government should get down to basics of providing primary education, primary health care and primary infra-structure. It has no business being in the business," said the multi-millionaire venture capitalist who formed The Indus Entrepreneurs (TiE) in 1992 to nurture budding entrepreneurs.
Exclusive interview of Nandan Nilekani: Give the Rural Poor Technology
By Dr Suvrokamal Dutta
In an exclusive Interview to The India Street, Nandan Nilekani, Co-Chairman, Infosys has said that technology has helped level the playing field for India in the global arena. "In a way, technology has transformed India by providing a new vision to the country and liberating its populace," pointed out Nilekani.
Nilekani believes that rural India's need for knowledge empowerment can be addressed using technology. "The telecom revolution has really ensured that people in every part of India are able to connect with each other and with the external world," he said.
I completely agree with Nilekani comments because India has leapfrogged to the next stage where mobile phones and the Internet are revolutionizing the Indian consumer and corporations. In addition, what technology has done for the Indian corporation is remarkable.
"Competing in the industry is no longer limited to a privileged few. Technology has brought forward a whole new set of entrepreneurs who are ensuring that India gets her right place in the world. From an employment perspective, it has raised the standard of living of the average middle class Indian. The IT & ITES industry has enabled the middle class Indian to go after bigger dreams," pointed out Nilekani.
When The India Street asked Nilekani about whether at present companies could access and develop technology more easily than before, he said that the liberalization process has made technology ubiquitous. In terms of statistic, the Indian IT/ ITES sector is expected to exceed $ 47.8 billion in annual revenue in this financial year, an increase of nearly 28 percent in the current fiscal.
"With the growth in Indian economy and favorable policies, leading MNCs are looking to India as an attractive market for their products and technologies, and are targeting the Indian consumer," Nilekani said. He also added that the Internet has opened the world to India and brought in greater awareness and the accompanying benefits of globalization. According to Nilekani, at this moment of time India has over 70 million Internet users, of which nearly 2 million have broadband connections.
"The telecom boom we are experiencing in India today is opening up new opportunities for Indians. About 5 million new telephone connections are added in every month," Nilekani said.
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'It is the software equivalent of bijli-sadak-makan'
27 Jun 2009, 0122 hrs IST, Andy Mukherjee, ET Now



A day after the government announced that Nandan Nilekani would head the Unique Identity Authority of India, Mr Nilekani said he believes the ID
project can have a transformational impact on India. It is the software equivalent for bijli, sadak and makan, he told ET NOW in an exclusive interview. Excerpts:

How are you feeling about moving out of Infosys, though of course your colleagues must be sad to let you go?

Actually, it is a gut-wrenching decision for me to leave Infosys after 30 years. But at the same time, this was an offer I couldn't refuse because I think if this project is done properly, it can have a transformational impact on India's economy and society and therefore, I have written a whole chapter on this in my book. So, I thought I should give it a shot.

How do you see the scope of this project? What will you be doing?

I think these are early days yet, but there are a few things beginning to coalesce in our thinking. One is you need to have a large single online database which has the basic records of all Indian residents, which adds up to over a billion records.

But ultimately, when we fill it up, part of that will be information about the person's name, his number, date of birth and so forth, and part of it will be the biometrics information... his fingerprints and maybe, a facial picture. There are two big issues here. One is enrolment and the other is authentication.

So, enrolment is how we add new people and authentication is how you verify who the person is. So, some elements of the architecture are beginning to fall into place, but we have a lot of work ahead, talking to all the government departments to come out with a standard interoperable way of doing this.

Give us an idea of how you are going to deal with potential conflict situations because of the fact that you are a shareholder in Infosys, and Infosys will be bidding for parts of this project?

I propose to put in place very robust and fool-proof procurement systems and processes which are transparent. I will recuse myself from any process where there is the possibility of conflict. I am even more concerned than you are about propriety.

Give us a sense of just how smart do you think this card will become?

Well, you know what I am really giving. What this body is giving is just the enrolment and authentication of individuals. That is a service that it will offer. Now, an individual department that is using this authentication system has to take its own business rules based on authentication.

So, this system is not going to do that because that will make it too complicated. That is the obligation of the agency which will use my authentication service.

You say in your book and I quote... 'Acknowledging the existence of every single citizen automatically compels the state to improve the quality of services and immediately give the citizen better access'. Now in terms of access, what is your priority here? Financial sector access? Is that the top theme here with the unique ID project delivering subsidies, targeting them better, making sure they reach the right person. Is that the priority?

I see this as dramatically improving access because we can have better targeting of subsidies with this access. We can have conditional cash transfers and other direct benefit schemes.

We can improve the quality of our security and, as Raghuram Rajan said in his report, it is an instrument of financial inclusion because we then start creating around this the credit history and financial condition of the poor to aid their access to loans, which will improve financial inclusion of the poor. To me, this is pro-poor because it will empower people and give them an identity vis-à-vis the government.



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Centre to consider Orissa plan to fight Naxals: Chidambaram
BS Reporters / Bhubaneswar/berhampur June 27, 2009, 1:02 IST

P ChidambaramThe Centre would consider the Orissa government's plan to combat Naxalite problem in the state, said Union Home Minister P Chidambaram on Friday.




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    India. Areas of Expertise, State level budget analysis, social sector ... are left out from budget policies and priorities; examine budget spending trends; ... - Cached - Similar -
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    Budget should reflect priorities outlined by prez-PMO

    Reuters India - Rajkumar RayHarish Nambiar - ‎Jun 5, 2009‎
    NEW DELHI, June 5 (Reuters) - The forthcoming budget in July should factor in the priorities outlined in the president's Thursday speech, ...

    Right to Education Bill to be enacted

    Hindu - Aarti Dhar - ‎Jun 25, 2009‎
    Exploring the possibility of setting up an independent accreditation body for school education is also on the government's list of priorities. ...

    Montek Singh hopeful of popular budget

    TopNews - Harish Dhawan - ‎Jun 22, 2009‎
    ... himself an economist of international credentials, had asked Union Finance Minister earlier this month that the budget should reflect the priorities and ...

    Govt for national mission for women empowerment

    Times of India - Himanshi Dhawan - ‎Jun 27, 2009‎
    One of the immediate priorities for UPA-2 has been to ensure that benefits of flagship programmes reach women. To achieve that, the government plans to set ...

    Trap of stagflation

    Deccan Herald - Prem Shankar Jha - ‎Jun 23, 2009‎
    The global recession has therefore been almost as cruel to India as to China. Despite this the government has continued to assign a higher priority to not ...

    Regional bias: Time to look beyond

    The Day After - ‎5 hours ago‎
    Be it for the Aila Cyclone or the recent violence in the state, Banerjee's priorities are clear: Cash in on the mandate she has got from the people and ...

    Maran moots higher subsidy, tax sops

    Business Standard - ‎Jun 12, 2009‎
    Clearing the backlog of Technology Upgradation Fund Scheme (TUFS) would be high on the list of priorities for the ministry, he said in an interaction with ...

    Indian shares rise 2.9 pct, seen up next week

    Reuters - ‎Jun 26, 2009‎
    "Even if there are no specific numbers given in the budget, there is confidence it will be reformist and will lay out the government's priorities," Shroff ...

    The last of the icons

    Times of India - Sahil Mane - ‎1 hour ago‎
    As the world mourns the premature death of pop star Michael Jackson, one can't help but wonder how many artistes of our generation will actually go down in ...

    City enthusiasts plan trips for total solar eclipse

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    Also, the fact that perhaps this will be the only chance to witness a total solar eclipse for this generation (the next is slated for 2037), is attracting ...

    Lancerlink iJector coming to Japan next month - ‎7 hours ago‎
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    Gay and lovin' it

    Times of India - ‎1 hour ago‎
    Echoed Gautam Bhan a gay rights activist, "Once 377 is abolished, at least out next generation won't have to struggle as much as us, or face society's ...

    GM India launches next generation LPG Model in Chevrolet Spark

    MyBangalore - ‎Jun 27, 2009‎
    The environment friendly LPG model features premium beige interiors with a Certified Factory Fitted Next Generation Sequential Injection-type LPG kit, ...

    India Cements posts lower net profit

    Hindu - ‎Jun 27, 2009‎
    "We can do it through internal generation," he said. Mr. Srinivasan said that India Cements would have to be an integrated cement producer if it were to ...

    India Resource Firms May See Profit Hit Despite Demand

    Wall Street Journal - ‎6 hours ago‎
    ... the next five years, add 13000 megawatts of power generation capacity each year and build 30 new universities, besides modernizing airports and ports. ...

    Kreeda Games on GTA IV PC and its Future in India

    Game Guru - ‎2 hours ago‎
    ... games and mobile games for a lot of other companies and by the end of this year I hope that you will see our next generation of products coming out. ...

    Dell launches next-generation precision workstations in India

    Economic Times - ‎Jun 17, 2009‎
    17 Jun 2009, 1812 hrs IST, PTI BANGALORE: Dell on Wednesday launched in India its next-generation precision workstation product range based on the ...

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        Voice of America
        ANALYSIS-Maoist insurgency can hurt industry in India-experts‎ - 6 days ago
        By Bappa Majumdar NEW DELHI, June 23 (Reuters) - The growing Maoist insurgency in India over large swathes of the mineral-rich countryside could soon hurt ...
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      4. Counter Insurgency: Vedic Security Strategy for India? | India Defence

        India, the land of Veda, is today facing a great challenge of increasing internal violence, by various groups of insurgents, though there is no near-term ... - Cached - Similar -
      5. Roots of insurgency in North East India : Roots of insurgency in ...

        Roots of insurgency in North East India - Are the roots of insurgency in North East India etnic or religious ? - Cached - Similar -
      6. Maoist insurgency can hurt industry in India | Special Coverage ...

        23 Jun 2009 ... NEW DELHI (Reuters) - The growing Maoist insurgency in India over large swathes of the mineral-rich countryside could soon hurt some ... - Cached - Similar -
      7. Features- Counter-Insurgency in the Northeast: A Counter-Perspective

        The continuing insurgency in northeast India suggests the failure of the ... Counter-insurgency in India has largely been synonymous with army deployment. ... - Cached - Similar -
      8. Roots of Insurgency in Northeast India

        Roots of Insurgency in Northeast India : JB Bhattacharjee (Ed.), Price US$ 7.61. - Cached - Similar -
      9. Gates of Vienna: The Muslim Insurgency in India

        The Muslim Insurgency in India. by Baron Bodissey. This blog neglects India. I admit it: the topic is so large that I can't get a handle on it. ... - Cached - Similar -
      10. ANALYSIS - Maoist insurgency can hurt industry in India - experts ...

        23 Jun 2009 ... By Bappa Majumdar NEW DELHI (Reuters) - The growing Maoist insurgency in India over large swathes of the mineral-rich countryside could soon ... - Cached - Similar -
      11. Md. Elyas 's Insurgency And Terrorism In India And Pakistan: With ...

        Insurgency And Terrorism In India And Pakistan: With Special Reference To Benazir Bhutto for just Rs. 4520 . Shipping across India for all Md. Elyas Books ... - Cached - Similar -
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        Why dialogue with Pakistan is futile

        Rediff - ‎1 hour ago‎
        ... involvement of Pakistan in the insurgency and provides some new and quite startling details of the jihad that Pakistan waged against India in Kashmir. ...

        India's Moaist Standoff

        ISN - Sudeshna Sarkar - ‎6 hours ago‎
        The Maoist insurgency in India received a boost in 2004 when three underground organizations advocating an armed struggle – the Communist Party of ...

        Central forces require more funds to tackle terrorism Run-up to budget

        Hindu - Vinay Kumar - ‎18 hours ago‎
        The other priority areas flagged by the President were stern measures to handle insurgency and left-wing extremism. Over the past two budgets, ...

        Kashmir: Paradise once again?

        Independent - Andrew Buncombe - ‎16 hours ago‎
        Kashmir, long fought over by India, Pakistan, and Kashmiri "nationalists", may be at a cross-roads. Twenty years after the start of a separatist insurgency ...

        Security clampdown in India

        Straits Times - ‎Jun 28, 2009‎
        Kashmir is in the grip of a 19-year insurgency against New Delhi's rule that has left more than 47000 people dead by official count. ...

        TOPSY TURVY | Counterfactual history

        Times of India - Prasenjit Chowdhury - ‎20 hours ago‎
        ... down on any group trying to create insurgency in Kashmir. Think about India solving the Kashmir imbroglio permanently during the Bangladesh war in 1971. ...

        National ID cards will be no swipe-and-smile matter

        Daily News & Analysis - Josy Joseph - ‎Jun 27, 2009‎
        Sources in the security establishment said the project by the Unique Identification Authority of India (UIAI) could spark grave controversies, ...

        Maoist landmine kills 12 policemen in India

        Irish Times - ‎6 hours ago‎
        ... in the Maoist insurgency which began in the late 1960s and which Prime Minister Manmohan Singh has described as one of the gravest threats to India's ...

        Pak among top 10 failed states: Report

        Economic Times - ‎Jun 28, 2009‎
        28 Jun 2009, 1819 hrs IST, PTI WASHINGTON: Pakistan, plagued by insurgency and the worst-ever economic crisis, has been named among the "top 10 failed ...

        Punjab's bitter harvest

        Deccan Herald - ‎Jun 27, 2009‎
        Sukhwinder's is a despairingly familiar story in today's Punjab, that has been engulfed by the all-pervading malady of drug addiction. ...

        AIDS awareness rath flagged off

        HimVani - ‎Jun 27, 2009‎
        It is easy to say No than to return from the path of drug addiction. Various social activists, taxi drivers, auto driver, members of beopar mandal, ...

        A dangerous addiction to drugs

        Express Buzz - ‎Jun 25, 2009‎
        For instance, if a traffic route of a drug is traced, the value of a consignment of heroin moving from India and bought for Rs 5 lakh in Lanka multiplies to ...

        Booze Linked To 1 In 25 Deaths Worldwide

        CBS News - ‎Jun 26, 2009‎
        "Worldwide, more people abstain than drink," principal researcher Jurgen Rehm, a senior scientist at the Centre for Addiction and Mental Health in Toronto, ...

        News In Brief (press release) - Azim Jan - ‎21 hours ago‎
        25 students from various schools spoke on the subject and highlighted the issues of drug addiction and its abuses. Later, a joint rally of students and ...

        Runway Movie Review

        GlamSham - Martin D'Souza - ‎Jun 26, 2009‎
        Melvina had unfortunately fallen prey to drug addiction and other complications raised their ugly head due to prolonged drug abuse. ...

        Drug abuse prevention campaign on the International Day against ...

        Press Information Bureau (press release) - ‎Jun 25, 2009‎
        Mass run and symbolic walk along with yoga, martial art, poster competition, dance, counseling and e-Expo on drug de-addiction will be organized to convey ...

        DV Singh not willing to take Rakesh's place - ‎Jun 27, 2009‎
        The team will also inspect the drug de-addiction centres at Imphal, Churachandpur and Moreh with funding from the National AIDS Control Organisation (NACO).

        G8 eyes farms, free trade and fair elections for Afghans (Roundup)

        Monsters and - ‎Jun 27, 2009‎
        'There is probably no other country in the world with (opium) addiction rates as high as Iran: that is a very good reason for us to cooperate in the future ...

        Disturbing trend: Drug addiction in India - Instablogs

        Drug addiction is becoming a major health problem in India with probably 70 million drug addicts noted till this time, and the number is even expected to ... - Cached - Similar -


        In India also, the abuse of alcohol, opium and cannabis had not been entirely unknown. ... Over the years, drug addiction is becoming an area of concern as ... - Cached - Similar -

        Drug Addiction and AIDS: a World Crisis - Freedom Magazine - Is ...

        As elsewhere in the world, the epidemic starts with intravenous drug use. In India, addiction to "brown sugar," as the baser and cheaper form of heroin is ... - Cached - Similar -

        The problem of drug addiction in India.

        The problem of drug addiction in India. CHOPRA RN. Mesh Terms: Pharmaceutical Preparations*. Substances: Pharmaceutical Preparations ... - Similar -
        by RN CHOPRA - 1950 - Cited by 1 - Related articles - All 2 versions

        Drug Addiction and Abuse - Rehabilitation - Health - Citizens ...

        Drug Addiction and substance abuse is a chronic, relapsing disease wherein the drug user compulsively spends time looking for and using an illegal drug. - Cached - Similar -

        Drug Abuse in India,Drug abuse in India, Problem of Drug abuse in ...

        India too is caught in this vicious circle of drug abuse, and the numbers of drug addicts are increasing day by day. According to a UN report, ... - Cached - Similar -

        Browse subject: Drug addiction -- India | The Online Books Page

        Filed under: Drug addiction -- India · [Info] Drink, Drugs and Gambling (c1952), by Mahatma Gandhi, ed. by Bharatan Kumarappa (PDF in Canada; NO US ACCESS) ... - Cached - Similar -

        Eminem watches old videos to keep drug addiction at bay ...

        Read the full story: Eminem watches old videos to keep drug addiction at bay. ... India Travel · Dance Forms of India · Festivals of India ... - Cached - Similar -

        Treatment and Rehabilitation of Alcohol and Drug Addicts - TTK ...

        Counseling for drug addiction – Individual, family and group (UNDCP ... Pamphlet - Alcohol Related Harm in India - A Fact Sheet (6 pages, 1851 KB, PDF) ... - Cached - Similar -
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          India intensifies Maoist battles

          BBC News - ‎3 hours ago‎
          Indian Prime Minister Manmohan Singh has described the Maoists as the greatest threat to India's internal security. Are you in the Lalgarh area? ...

          Ban on Maoists is India's internal matter, says Nepal

          Economic Times - ‎Jun 24, 2009‎
          Also, our party does not have any fraternal relations with the Indian Maoists." The Nepali party that did have fraternal ties with India's Maoists - the ...

          Nepali Maoists decry ban on Indian Maoists

          Times of India - ‎21 hours ago‎
          BAHRAICH: The Nepali Maoists have clarified that they have no connection with the Indian Maoists but have criticised the ban imposed on the Maoists in India ...

          No proof of link between Maoists in India and Nepal: Menon

          Hindu - ‎Jun 21, 2009‎
          Mr. Menon, who is on a two-day official visit here, said "we don't have any proof to find a link between India's Maoists and the Nepalese Maoists. ...

          11 Maoist rebels arrested in Jharkhand

          Sify - ‎7 hours ago‎
          The Communist Party of India-Maoist (CPI-Maoist) guerrillas were arrested from Cheliyama village in Seraikela and Kharsawa district, about 170 km from the ...

          Maoists trying to establish hold on border areas

          Times of India - Bipin Chand Agarwal - ‎21 hours ago‎
          BAHRAICH: The foundation of Maoist politics in Nepal is based on anti-India theory. Maoist leaders, in a bid to remain in news, incite students to create ...

          Left Front govt neglected West Bengal: AB Bardhan

          Sify - Ab Bardhan - ‎9 hours ago‎
          Bardhan said the Maoists found "a fertile soil" due to the alienation of the people, particularly tribals, from the government and the ruling parties. ...

          Swine flu enters Nepal

          Times of India - Sudeshna Sarkar - ‎2 hours ago‎
          The Maoists' bid to form the government yet again will also alienate them further from Maoists worldwide. On Monday, India's now banned Maoist party made ...

          Maoists loot about Rs. six lakh in Orissa

          Hindu - ‎Jun 27, 2009‎
          Bhubaneswar (PTI): Armed Maoists looted about Rs six lakh from a State Bank of India (SBI) branch in Orissa's Koraput district after assaulting its guard ...

          Maoist landmine kills 12 policemen in India

          Irish Times - ‎6 hours ago‎
          ... central and southern India. Also on Saturday, police in West Bengal state said they had regained control of a town captured by Maoist rebels in one of ...

          End of an era

          Daily News & Analysis - Shekhar Suvarna - ‎Jun 28, 2009‎
          This is with reference to 'Centre appoints Nilekani head of unique ID agency', (DNA, June 26), Nandan Nilekani has relinquished his post as co-chairman of ...

          Nilekani quits Infosys, to head govt's national ID project

 - ‎Jun 25, 2009‎
          Nandan Nilekani is all set to step down from Infosys' board with effect from July 9, 2009. Nilekani, one of corporate India's biggest names, ...

          Balakrishnan, Vemuri are front-runners for Infy board

          Livemint - Venkatesha Babu - ‎Jun 28, 2009‎
          Hemant Mishra / Mint An additional vacancy on the board was created after Nandan Nilekani resigned on Thursday as co-chairman and board member of the ...

          Bangalore to Raisina

          Indian Express - ‎17 hours ago‎
          Nandan Nilekani's appointment to head the Unique Identity Authority (UIDA) of India has been received positively not just by the corporate sector — anyone ...

          UIC designed in Ahmedabad

          Times of India - Vasundhara Vyas Mehta - ‎Jun 26, 2009‎
          AHMEDABAD: The Rs 150000 crore biometric Unique Identification Card project, headed by Nandan Nilekani, has a piece of Gujarat in it. ...

          Weekly News Round up

          Hindu Business Line - ‎Jun 27, 2009‎
          Mr Nandan Nilekani, co-chairman of Infosys Technologies, has been appointed by the Government to head a newly created authority that will supervise the ...

          Nandan Nilekani may get charge of national ID card project

          Indian Express - ‎Jun 21, 2009‎
          Prime Minister Manmohan Singh is considering inducting Nandan Nilekani, Co-chairman of Infosys Technologies Ltd, India's second largest software company, ...

          Karnataka gets new secretary for eGovernance

          CIOL - Usha Prasad - ‎2 hours ago‎
          ... entrusted with the responsibility to manage the UID Authority of India project, which is being headed by former co-chairman of Infosys Nandan Nilekani. ...

          TN Ninan: Citizen No. 473879621?

          Business Standard - Tn Ninan - ‎Jun 26, 2009‎
          Nandan Nilekani virtually wrote himself a new job when he wrote Imagining India. On pages 367-371, he went into the business of issuing a unique identity ...

          'Indo-Pak talks sans Kashmir won't deliver'

          Daily Times - ‎17 hours ago‎
          LAHORE: Pakistan has always wanted cordial relations with all neighbouring countries, but it is not possible to have peace with India until the Kashmir ...

          BJP urges Indian govt to help Pakistan fight extremists

          Daily Times - ‎Jun 24, 2009‎
          ... has asked the government to help Pakistan restore peace and fight extremist elements. BJP President Rajnath Singh told reporters in Indian-held Kashmir ...
          JU draws flak for hosting RSS chief (press release)

          When the state fails to act

          Express Buzz - ‎Jun 24, 2009‎
          Even otherwise, all governors should receive instruments of instruction from the president regarding their constitutional mandate for tribal areas and be ...
          DELHI DIARY Gulf Times

          Focus now on 'political solution'

          Sunday - ‎Jun 27, 2009‎
          Basil Rajapaksa told Indian leaders and officials that besides plans to enforce the 13th Amendment to the Constitution, the Government was also looking at ...
          New directions in Tamil Nationalism The Island (subscription)

          Support for Pakistan's anti-Taliban war seen solid

          Reuters - Faisal AzizKamran Haider - ‎7 hours ago‎
          "It is absolutely necessary for the government to control and counter these terrorist elements and regain its writ to end the state of despondency among the ...

          Kashmir's Right and Our Obligation

          INDOlink - Aparna Pande - ‎Jun 25, 2009‎
          Amnesty International and other Human Rights agencies have routinely criticized the Indian government especially with respect to excesses by security forces ...

          PM rules out dialogue with terrorists

          The News International - ‎17 hours ago‎
          He said although the military strategy of the operation demanded an element of surprise, but the government called the All Parties Conference, ...

          From my rooftop: Breaking away from an evil past

          Joy Online - ‎Jun 27, 2009‎
          We have witnessed two major changes of government since the 1992 Constitution was promulgated. The first was in 2001 when the NDC lost power and handed over ...

          Donors press for resumption of Madagascar talks

          Reuters - Richard Lough - ‎Jun 18, 2009‎
          "We urge all parties to rapidly return to the negotiating table and come to agreement on the elements of a consensual transition government," he said, ...

          An ambitious programme

          Business Standard - ‎Jun 4, 2009‎
          The proposed elements of women's empowerment are many, like one-third representation in Parliament, a Constitutional amendment to ensure 50 per cent ...

          Does the Marxists in W.B. respect the Indian Constitution ...

          3 posts - Last post: 12 Sep 2004
          They are the elements in Indian Democratic scenario who have misutilised the Indian Constitution as they liked, whenever they liked. ...
 - Cached - Similar -

          Government of India -Indian Government Structure ,Legislature

          Indian Government Structure, Indian Legislature. ... the struggle between elements wanting to assert legislative power to amend the constitution and those ...
 - Cached - Similar -

          Maharashtra government yielding to fascist elements: Mahesh Bhatt

          1 post - Last post: 25 Jan
          "The government has brazenly succumbed to the fascist elements operating in ... the film depicts the party's anti-North Indian campaign in the city. ... the state government has trampled upon its constitutional rights. ...
 - Cached - Similar -

          BJP is Subverting India's Constitution With the BJP controlling ...

          The silence of the government thereafter, on implementing some of the issues raised by the constitution review is a case in point. Perhaps we will hear more ...
 - Cached - Similar -

          Maharashtra government yielding to fascist elements: Mahesh Bhatt ...

          'The government has brazenly succumbed to the fascist elements operating in the ... the film depicts the party's anti-North Indian campaign in the city. ... the constitutional rights of the civil society, the Ashok Chavan government ...
 - Cached - Similar -

          NOTES ON CURRENT LEGISLATION The Constitutional Union of South ...

          proper share which the two elements of Indian society, Hindu and. Mohammedan, shall enjoy in the government. The Mohammedans demand equal representation on ...
 - Similar -
          by WJ Shepard - 1909 - Cited by 1 - Related articles - All 2 versions

          Native America, discovered and conquered: Thomas Jefferson, Lewis ... - Google Books Result

          by Robert J. Miller, Elizabeth (FRW) Furse - 2006 - Social Science - 214 pages
          Constitution The drafters of the Constitution solved the problem of states meddling in Indian affairs and interfering with the exercise of federal Discovery ...

 - India Government

          The union government, as India's central government is known, ... institutional battles in the Indian polity has been the struggle between elements wanting to ... The Republic is governed in terms of the Constitution of India which was ...
 - Cached - Similar -

          MIT School of Government - Awareness - Constitution of India

          The Fundamental Rights embodied in the Indian constitution acts as a .... medium of expression for all the elements of the composite culture of India and to ...
 - Cached - Similar -
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            How US should get out of crisis: Craig Barrett

            29 Jun 2009, 1921 hrs IST, THOMAS L FRIEDMAN,NYT News Service



            Barrett, the former chairman of Intel says government should be ending all H1B visa restrictions on knowledge workers who want to come to US. More on Financial crisis

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            AI staff to get June salary on July 3 without cuts
            29 Jun 2009, 2040 hrs IST, IANS

            Air India staff get their salary on the last day of the month. ACEU is the largest union among the Air India employees. Major companies with deepest job cuts


            A professor's labour helps fight H-1B visas
            29 Jun 2009, 1631 hrs IST, BusinessWeek

            Norm Matloff, a computer science professor with a Chinese-born wife, says the US skilled-immigrant visa system exploits workers everywhere. Forex Converter


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            Blogs: Who will benefit from raw sugar imports?|Independent Cannes Jury
            Why Nilekani is important to UID Project
            Nilekani quits: Will 'Brand Infosys' take a hit? Blog: What Nandan can learn from E Sreedharan
            Nandan is going to need his own team; not an entire machinery, but at least key 10-12 officers who will drive things at UID Authority.

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            1. The Economic Times: Business News, Personal Finance, Financial ...

               - 42 visits - 7:51am
              Economic Times India's Leading Business Newspaper offers Business News, Financial news, Stock/Share Market News, Economy News, Loans & Banking News, ...
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            2. || BS Motoring || ---- || Business Standard ||

              A major financial newspaper, with a strong opinion page.
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            3. India Business News, Finance News, Stock Market News, Economic ...

              The Financial Express - A complete Up-to-date source for business news, finance news, stock market news, economy news and business news india online, ...
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            4. News results for Economic News from India

              India growth seen up at 5.1% for this fiscal, 8% for FY11‎ - 6 days ago
              In the report Global Development Finance 2009: Charting a global recovery, the World Bank said the negative impacts of the economic crisis in India may ...
              Livemint - 495 related articles »
            5. India Business & Economic News - BusinessWeek

              Read the latest news about business and the economy in India. Find updates on new technologies, growth development, inflation & outsourcing to India.
     - Cached - Similar -
            6. Economy Watch - World, US, China, India, UK, Canada, Australia ...

              Asian Stock Market: Asian Stocks Bull Run on Positive Asia Economic News ... India Economy: Tech Mahindra wins bid to take over Satyam Computers ...
     - Cached - Similar -
            7. World markets rebound on strong US economic news - AOL India News

              18 Jun 2009 ... World markets rebound on strong US economic news,For breaking news, latest headlines and top stories with interviews, updates, analysis and ...
     - Cached - Similar -
            8. Indian Economy, News Analysis, India News Online

              Top stories, latest news, news analysis, business & market news, City & Industry news from indian News papers at one place. ...
     - Cached - Similar -
            9. | 'Economic Crisis: India Fared Better Than ...

              28 Jun 2009 ... Though affected by the current global economic meltdown, India has fared much better than other countries of the world, Minister of State ...
     - Cached - Similar -
            10. RTTNews - Realtime Economic Newswire, Asian Economic News ...

              RTTNews delivers all the important global financial news, ... All Economic News .... India's Monsoon Rains Revive After 2-week Lull 6/22/2009 4:27 AM ET ...
     - Cached - Similar -
            11. Asia Times Online :: South Asia news, business and economy from ...

              India under Prime Minister Manmohan Singh appears to the world as a place transformed after years of reforms and stellar economic growth. ...
     - Cached - Similar -
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            economic crisis india economy india gdp india economic indicators
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              1. News results for Mayawati

                World News
                Memorials, statues serve as an inspiration: Mayawati‎ - 2 days ago
                LUCKNOW: Uttar Pradesh Chief Minister Mayawati defended her government's decision to construct memorials, statues, parks and museums dedicated to Dr. ...
                Hindu - 58 related articles »
              2. Mayawati - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

                Mayawati (Hindi: मायावती) (born January 15, 1956) is an Indian politician and the current Chief Minister of Uttar Pradesh. ...
       - Cached - Similar -
              3. BIO DATA

                KUMARI MAYAWATI. BIO DATA. DATE OF BIRTH & PLACE. January 15, 1956, Delhi. FATHER. Mr. Prabhu Das. MOTHER. Mrs. Ram Rati. EDUCATION. B.A., B.Ed., LL. ...
       - Cached - Similar -
              4. Indian Politician Mayawati Kumari - Profile of Mayawati Kumari

                One of the many colorful characters in Indian politics, Mayawati Kumari is leader of the Bahujan Samaj Party and a prominent politician in India's most ...
       - Cached - Similar -
              5. SC issues notice to Mayawati govt on statues' issue - India - The ...

                29 Jun 2009 ... A notice was also sent to chief minister Mayawati. ... Mayawati had unveiled the 15 statues, which included that of BSP founder late Kanshi ...
       - 5 hours ago - Similar -
              6. Chidambaram slams Mayawati over statue controversy: news

                29 Jun 2009 ... Chidambaram slams Mayawati over statue controversy, Indian news | news columns | interviews | news specials | newshound & more.
       - 8 hours ago - Similar -
              7. Kumari Mayawati Ji: BSP, UP Chief Minister Bahan Kumari Mayawati ...

                Bahujan Samaj Party - BSP, Mayawati Ji, Utter pradesh chief minister, BSP president bahan kumari mayawati.
       - Cached - Similar -
              8. Biodata

                Mayawati , Miss [Bahujan Samaj Party -Uttar Pradesh ], Photo. Father's Name : Shri Prabhu Das ... E-mail : Positions Held : ...
       - Cached - Similar -
              9. Beware of Mayawati and her Navratnas

                2 Jan 2009 ... India should dread the prospect of being governed by the dictatorial Mallika-e-Hindustan!
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              10. Blog posts about Mayawati

                Supreme Court to hear PIL against Mayawati - The Legalizer - 3 hours ago
                Supreme Court to hear PIL against Mayawati ! - Kishore's News Blog - 7 hours ago
              11. Video results for Mayawati

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                Memorials, statues serve as an inspiration: Mayawati

                Hindu - ‎Jun 26, 2009‎
                LUCKNOW: Uttar Pradesh Chief Minister Mayawati defended her government's decision to construct memorials, statues, parks and museums dedicated to Dr. ...

                Mayawati announces SC/ST quota in work contracts

                Times of India - ‎Jun 25, 2009‎
                LUCKNOW: In an attempt to further consolidate Dalit and tribal votebank, chief minister Mayawati on Thursday announced a quota for SCs/STs in all ...

                Cong again attacks Mayawati on Mahatma remarks

                Times of India - ‎Jun 17, 2009‎
                NEW DELHI: Congress on Wednesday continued its attack on Uttar Pradesh chief minister Mayawati for her attack on Mahatma Gandhi. ...

                Mayawati to unveil 40 statues, six of them of herself

                Times of India - Abantika Ghosh - ‎Jun 23, 2009‎
                NEW DELHI: Uttar Pradesh chief minister Mayawati is all set to unveil 40 statues — including six of her own — on July 3, along with the Kanshi Ram Memorial ...

                Maya fears arrest, names her seconds-in-command

                Times of India - Ashish Tripathi - ‎Jun 27, 2009‎
                LUCKNOW: Chief Minister and BSP supremo Mayawati has reportedly directed her party workers to follow the instructions of former party vice-president Raja ...

                Cong. flays Mulayam's remarks on memorials

                Hindu - ‎Jun 27, 2009‎
                The Congress leader at the same time said the party does not approve of Mr Yadav's statement about bulldozing recent constructions made by the Mayawati ...

                Mayawati, Bhajan Lal forge alliance for Haryana polls

                Hindu - ‎Jun 18, 2009‎
                Photo: PTI NEW ALLIES: Uttar Pradesh Chief Minister and BSP supremo Mayawati with Haryana Janhit Congress chief Bhajan Lal (centre) and his son Kuldeep ...
                BSP joins hands with Bhajan Lal Daily News & Analysis

                Mayawati expected to win 55-60 UP seats in LS polls

                Times of India - ‎Jun 19, 2009‎
                LUCKNOW: In her first public confession after poor performance in the 2009 Lok Sabha elections, chief minister and BSP supremo Mayawati on Friday said that ...

                Stop Mayawati from erecting statues with public funds: Petition

                Times of India - ‎Jun 19, 2009‎
                NEW DELHI: A public interest petition was filed Friday in the apex court seeking that Uttar Pradesh Chief Minister Mayawati be restrained from installing ...
                Lawyers take Maya statues to court Daily News & Analysis
                PIL in SC over Maya's statues Chandigarh Tribune