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From the Eagle Watch #132
May 18, 2011

Here's an important and encouraging article on the nuclear industry.
We've included the email for Nunavummiut Makitagunarningit in case you want to write to them and get more info on nukes.  These folks are doing a great job of posting relevant articles. 


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Date: Wed, 18 May 2011 07:23:44 -0400
Subject: 11/05/13 Areva halts construction of a facility in the US
From: Nunavummiut Makitagunarningit <>

Fukushima's fallout in Virginia

by Peter Galuszka
May 13, 2011

Virginia's once-promising nuclear industry is feeling the impact of
Japan's reactor disaster, which has dampened demand for goods and
services related to nuclear-powered generating plants.

Construction delays have been announced at the $363 million Areva
Newport News facility that would make large components for the nuclear
power industry. In Pittsylvania County, opposition to a proposal to
mine about 119 million pounds of uranium, worth about $8 billion,
seems to be growing.

The Old Dominion is a major center for the nuclear industry.
French-owned Areva has its North American headquarters in Lynchburg,
where it provides maintenance crews and parts to service nuclear power
stations throughout the United States. Dominion Virginia Power
operates four nuclear units in the state. A Newport News shipyard that
has just been spun off to Huntington Ingalls by Northrop Grumman is
the only yard in the country that can build nuclear-powered surface

As worries over disasters at Three Mile Island and Chernobyl faded and
concerns about climate change grew, Virginia seemed well-positioned to
cash in on its civilian nuclear prowess.

But the March 11 accident at Japan's Fukushima plant has changed all
of that. Japan and Germany are limiting or phasing out their reliance
on nuclear power, although developing nations such as China, Mexico
and Iran are pressing on.

The market uncertainty has prompted Areva Newport News, owned by Areva
and Huntington Ingalls, to announced May 9 that it was halting
construction of its Newport News components facility, which would
employ 540. Company officials cited unfavorable market conditions but
said that building could begin again if that changes. Construction had
begun in 2009.

Meanwhile, the new anti-nuclear atmosphere is giving a boost to the 41
groups and localities that oppose Virginia Uranium Inc.'s plans to
mine uranium in Pittsylvania County and create 300 jobs. The state has
banned uranium mining but the General Assembly may reconsider it in
2012. "We are not willing to risk our health and our property values
and our future for low-quality jobs with such a toxic result," Naomi
Hodge-Muse, president of the Martinsville-Henry chapter of the NAACP,
was quoted as saying in the Richmond Times-Dispatch.

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