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[Bahujan-forum] Food Right for All-Implement Jus.Wadhawa Report on PDS(MPJ Campaign)

[Bahujan-forum] Food Right for All-Implement Jus.Wadhawa Report on PDS(MPJ Campaign)



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Food insecurity has lead to severe malnourishment dead and hunger in our State and entire country. Which has made India to 67th rank in Global Hunger Index (GHI).There is serious food security breach in Public distribution system(PDS )where millions lacks the subsidized grains due to various reasons& on the other hand centre wants to weaken the existing PDS system by introducing Conditional cash transfer(CCT) The recent poverty lines given by GOI Additional solicitor-general to SC of Rs.20 and Rs.15 for Urban& Rural shows the callous figure& attitudes towards poverty alleviation, which we feel not be helpful to achieve the very UN Millennium development Goal 2015 to reduce extreme poverty by half.

MPJ has already made aware the corruption& leakages involved in PDS system to Jus.Wadhawa a committee appointed by SC  on its last visit December 2010&in the same month we met Food &Civil supply Minister explain the grave and pathetic conditions on ground but the Minister was in denial mode. The recent report of Jus.Wadhawa reflects MPJ's concern showing the dismal & malpractices of PDS system in Maharashtra.

To address this serious issue MPJ has launched a campaign throughout Maharashtra called "Anna-cha-Adhikaar Sarvansaathi or 'Food right for All' from 15th May 2011 to 15th July 2011 emphasizing on strengthening the Public distribution system (PDS) to alleviate poverty.

In the first phase MPJ will carry out  Awareness on PDS,in second phase it will gather the genuine complaints of end users and in third phase a Jan sunwai in all talukas of Mah.& if we feel nothing has being heard then Dharna,memos throughout Mah in front of District Collectorate.

MPJ demands the implementation of Justice  Wadhawa report which strengthen the PDS system and oppose the CCT(Cash Transfer). We support & advocate the idea of universalization of the PDS.  MPJ believe that the government cut down on subsidies will harm our overall welfare measures.

MPJ also demand that in Urban slums& Rural areasAganwadis(under ICDS prog) should be set up based on population size for proper uptake of children, adolescent girl and pregnant women.

To ensure that people from the poorer section get daily meals, the members of the Movement For Peace and Justice (MPJ), Maharashtra, a social organisation, have urged the citizens belonging to the middle and rich section to support their campaign. The organisation launched Annacha Adhikaar Sarvansaa thi or Food Right for All.
A two-month statewide awareness on the government's public distribution system (PDS), in 25 districts of the state on May 15.

"Rationing of food grain is not carried out properly in many parts of the state. But, the poor section is helpless. So, we urge people to support the campaign that will help us to fight for the poor," said Mohammed Siraj, president, MPJ, Maharashtra.

"Besides, these schemes are run by the government from the tax-payers' money. This gives us the right to question the government if we feel they are faltering," added Siraj.

MPJ is demanding the universal distribution of food so that people from all classes can avail of the rationing benefits. "The government has categorised people using colour codes for rationing cards. Our demand is everyone should get rationed food irrespective of their income," said Soheb Lokhandwala, media secretary, MPJ.

As part of the campaign, MPJ volunteers will conduct group meetings in slum areas and villages to inform people about their right to PDS.


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