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258 LESSON 15 05 2011 Buddha Speaks Amitabha Sutra FREE ONLINE eNālandā Research and Practice UNIVERSITY and BUDDHIST GOOD NEWS letter to VOTE for BSP ELEPHANT for Social Transformation and Economic Emancipation to attain Ultimate Bliss-Through http:

258 LESSON 15 05 2011 Buddha Speaks Amitabha Sutra FREE ONLINE eNālandā Research and Practice UNIVERSITY and BUDDHIST GOOD NEWS letter  to VOTE for BSP ELEPHANT for Social Transformation and Economic Emancipation to attain Ultimate Bliss-Through is SACRED with GOOD GOVERNANCE-C.M. inaugurates/lays foundation of public welfare and development schemes costing Rs. 2000 crore on completion of four years of her government - Achievements of my Government very encouraging and excellent in the spheres of law and order, crime control, development and matters related with public interests —Hon'ble Chief Minister ji - BJP, Congress and other opposition parties trying to mislead peopleHon'ble C.M. greets people on Maharshi Parashuram Jayanti

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2600th Year of Sambodhi (Awakenment)
of Bhagavan Gotama Buddha
08-05-2011 to 18-05-2011

All are Welcome
MAHA BODHI, Bangalore, India
The Amitabha Buddha Sutra
THUS I have heard, at one time the Buddha dwelt at Sravasti in the Jeta grove in the garden of the Benefactor Of Orphans and the Solitary, together with a gathering of great Bhikshus, 1250 in all, all great Arhats whom the assembly knew and recognised: Elders Sariputra, Mahamaudgalyayana,
Mahakasyapa, Mahakatyayana, Mahakautsthila, Revata, Suddhipanthaka, Nanada, Ananada, Rahula, Gavampati, Pindola-bharadvaja. Kalodayin,Mahakaphina, Vakkula,. Aniruddha and others such as these, all great disciples; together with all the Bodhisattvas, Mahasattvas: Dharma Prince
Manjushri, Ajita Bodhisattva, Gandhastin, Bodhisattva, Nityodyutka Bodhisattva and others such as these, all great Bodhisattvas ; together with Sakra, chief among gods, and the numberless great multitudes from the heavens.
At the time Buddha told the Elder Sariputra, "Passing from hear though hundreds of thousands of millions o Buddhalands to the West, there is a world called Ultimate Bliss. In this land a Buddha called Amitabha right now teaches the Dharma. Sariputra, for the what reason is this land called Ultimate Bliss ? All living beings of this country endure none of the sufferings, but enjoy every
bliss. Therefore, it is called 'Ultimate Bliss'.
Moreover, Sariputra this land of Ultimate Bliss is everywhere surrounded by seven tiers of railings, seven layers of netting and seven rows of trees, all formed from the four treasures and for this reason named 'Ultimate Bliss'.
Moreover, Sariputra, the Land Of Ultimate Bliss has pools of seven jewels, filled with the eight waters of merit and virtue. The bottom of each pool is pure, spread over with golden sand. On the four sides are stairs of gold, silver, lapis lazuli, and crystal, mother-of-pearl, red pearls, and carnelian.
In the pools are lotuses as large as carriage wheels; green coloured of green light, yellow coloured of yellow light, red coloured of red light; white coloured of white light, subtly, wonderfully, fragrant and pure.
Sariputra the realisation of the Land Of Ultimate Bliss is thus meritoriously adorned.
Moreover, Sariputra, in that Buddhaland there is always heavenly music, and the ground is yellow gold. In the six periods of the day and night a heavenly rain of mandarva flowers falls, and throughout the clear morning each living being of this Land, with sacks full of the myriads of wonderful flowers, makes offerings to the hundreds of thousands of millions of Buddhas of the other directions. At mealtime they return to their own country and having eaten they stroll around.
Sariputra, the realisation of the Land of Ultimate Bliss is meritoriously adorned.
Moreover Sariputra, in this country there are always rare and wonderful vari-coloured birds; white cranes; peacocks; parrots and egrets kalvinkas and two-headed birds In the six periods of the day and night the flocks of birds sing forth harmonious and elegant sounds. Their clear and joyful sounds
proclaim the five roots, the five powers, the seven Boddhishares, and dharmas such as these. When living beings of this land hear these sounds. they are altogether mindful of the Dharma and mindful of the Sangha.
Sariputra, do not say that these birds are born as retribution for their karmic offences. For what reason ? In this Buddhaland there are no three evil ways of rebirth Sariputra. in this Buddhaland not even of the three evil ways exist, how much the less their actuality ! Desiring that the Dharma sound be widely
proclaimed, Amitabha Buddha by transformation made this multitude of birds.
Sariputra, in that Buddhaland, when the soft wind blows, the rows of jewelled trees and jewelled nets give forth subtle and wonderful sounds, like one hundred thousand kinds of music played at the same time. All those who hear this sound naturally bring in their hearts mindfulness of the Buddha,
mindfulness of the Dharma and mindfulness of the Sangha.
Sariputra, the realisation of the Land of Ultimate Bliss is meritoriously adorned.
Sariputra, what do you think? Why is the Buddha called Amitabha ? Sariputra, the brilliance of that Buddha's light is measureless, illumining the lands of the ten directions everywhere without obstructions, for this reason he is called Amitabha.
Moreover Sariputra, the life of that Buddha and that of his people extends of measureless limitless asankhyeya kalpas; for this reason he is called Amityatus.And Sariputra, since Amitabha realised Buddhahhod, ten kalpas have passed.
Moreover Sariputra, that Buddha has measureless, limitless "sound-hearer" disciples, all Arhats, their number incalculable; thus also is the assembly of Bodhisattvas.
Sariputra, the realisation of the Land of Ultimate Bliss is meritoriously adorned.
Moreover Sariputra, those living beings born in the Land Of Ultimate Bliss are all avivartika. Among them are many who in this very life will dwell in Buddhhood. Their number is extremely many; it is incalculable and only in measureless, limitless asankheya kalpas could it be spoken.
Sariputra, those living beings who hear should vow, 'I wish to be born in that country'. And why ? Those who thus attain are all attain are all superior and good people, all coming together in one place. Sariputra, one cannot have few good roots, blessings, virtues and casual connections to attain birth in that Land.
Sariputra, if there is a good man or good woman who hears spoken 'Amitabha Buddha' and holds the name whether for one day, two days, three, four, five days, six days as long as seven days with one heart unconfused, when this person approaches the end of life, before him will appear Amitabha
Buddha and all the assembly of Holy Ones. When the end comes, his heart is without inversion; in Amitabha Buddha's Land Of Ultimate Bliss he will attain rebirth. Sariputra. because I see this benefit. I speak these words; If living beings hear this spoken they should make the vow 'I will be reborn in that
Sariputra, as I now praise the inconceivable benefit from the merit and virtue of Amitabha Buddha, thus in the East are also Aksobhya Buddha, Sumeru Appearance Buddha, Great Sumeru Buddha, Summeru Light Buddha, Wonderful Sound Buddha, all Buddhas such as these, numberless as Ganges' sands. In his own country each brings forth the appearance of a vast and long tongue. everywhere covering the three thousand great thousand worlds, and speaks the sincere and actual words, 'All you living beings should believe, praise, and hold in reverence the inconceivable merit and virtue of this Sutra Of The Mindful One Of Whom All The Buddhas Are Protective.
Sariputra, in the Southern world are Sun Moon Lamp Buddha, Well-Known Light Buddha, Great Blazing Shoulders Buddha, Measureless Vigour Buddha, all Buddhas such as these, numberless as Ganges' sands. In his own country each bring forth the appearance of a vast and long tongue, everywhere covering the three thousand great thousand worlds, and speaks the sincere and
actual worlds, 'All you living beings should believe, praise, and hold in reverence the inconceivable merit and virtue of this Sutra Of The Mindful One Of Whom All The Buddhas Are Protective."
Sariputra, in the Western world are Measureless Life Buddha, Measureless Appearance Buddha, Great Brightness Buddha, Jewelled Appearance Buddha, Pure Light Buddha, all Buddha's such as these, numberless as Ganges sands. In his own country each bring forth the appearance of a vast and long tongue, everywhere covering the three thousand great thousand worlds, and speaks
the sincere and actual worlds , 'All you living beings should believe, praise, and hold in reverence the inconceivable merit and virtue of this Sutra Of The Mindful One Of Whom All The Buddhas Are Protective.
Sariputra, in the Northern world are Blazing Shoulders Buddha, Most Victorious Sound Buddha, Hard to Injure Buddha, Sun Birth Buddha, Net Brightness Buddha, all Buddhas such as these. numberless as Ganges sands. In his own country each bring forth the appearance of a vast and long tongue,
everywhere covering the three thousand great thousand worlds, and speaks the sincere and actual worlds , 'All you living beings should believe, praise, and hold in reverence the inconceivable merit and virtue of this Sutra Of The Mindful One Of Whom All The Buddhas Are Protective. "
Sariputra, in the world below are Lion Buddha, Well-Known Buddha, Famous Light Buddha, Dharma Buddha, Dharma Curtain Buddha, Dharma Maintaining Buddha, all Buddhas such as these, numberless as Gange sands.In his own country each bring forth the appearance of a vast and long tongue, everywhere covering the three thousand great thousand worlds, and speaks the sincere and actual worlds , 'All you living beings should believe, praise, and hold in reverence the inconceivable merit and virtue of this Sutra Of The Mindful One Of Whom All The Buddhas Are Protective. "
Sariputra, in the world above are Pure Sound Buddha, King of Past Lives Buddha, Great Blazing Shoulders Buddha, Vari-coloured Jewels and Flower Adornment Body Buddha, Sala Tree King Buddha, Jewelled Flower Virtue Buddha. Vision Of All Meaning Buddha, such as Mt. Sumeru Buddha, all Buddhas such as these, numberless as Ganges sands. In his own country each bring forth the appearance of a vast and long tongue, everywhere covering the the three thousand great thousand worlds, and speaks the sincere and actual worlds, 'All you living beings should believe, praise, and hold in reverence the inconceivable merit and virtue of this Sutra Of The Mindful One Of Whom All
The Buddhas Are Protective."
Sariputra, what do you think ? Why is it called Sutra Of The Mindful One Of Whom All Buddhas Are Protective. Sariputra, if a good man or good woman hears this Sutra and holds to it an hears the names of all these Buddhas, this good man or woman will be the Mindful One of whom all Buddhas are protective, and will irreversibly attain to annuttara-samyak-sambodhi. Therefore, Sariputra, all of you should believe and accept my words, and those which all Buddhas speak.
Sariputra, just as I am now one who praises the merit and virtue of all Buddhas, all those Buddhas equally praise, my inconceivable merit and virtue saying these words 'Sakyamuni Buddha can be complete extremely rare and difficult deeds. In the Saha Land, in the evil time of the five turbidities, in the midst of the kalpa turbidity, the view turbidity, the affliction tupidity and the life turbidity, he can attain annutara-samyak-sambodhi and for the sake of living beings, speak this Dharma which in the whole world is hard to believe.'
Sariputra, You should know, that I, in the evil time of the five turbidities, practice these difficult deeds, attain annutara-samyak-sambodhi and for all the world speak this dharma, difficult to believe, extremely difficult!'
After the Buddha spoke this Sutra, Sariputra and all the Bhikshus, all the gods, men and asuras and others from all the worlds hearing what the Buddha had said, joyously welcomed, faithfully accepted, bowed and withdrew.
End of The Buddha Speaks of Amitabha Sutra
We also have other sutras available on request like the Sutra of Golden Light, The Heart Sutra, The Sangata Sutra etc. Please contact Kala or Ecie for more info.
Four years in office:Chief Minister Mayawati inspects foundation stones that she
Four years in office:Chief Minister Mayawati inspects foundation stones that she "dedicated" to the people of UP on Friday for new projects worth Rs.2,000 crores on completion of her four years in office in Lucknow.– PHOTO: Subir Roy
KARNATAKA STATE BSP  Welcomes Behanji Ms Mayawati on 5th June 2011. All the State/Dist./Assembly and Sector and Office Bearers will attend the Camp which is first of its kind in the Country.
Karnataka BSP Co-ordinator Dr. Ashok Siddharth MLC, is instrumental and effective in cementing all the forces like Manyawar  Kanshiran Ji explained the importance of the camp that will be addressed by Behanji Ms Mayawati to both B1 and B2 which is first of its kind in the entire Country. He explained that Manyawar Kanshiramji fulfilled the dream of Baba Saheb Dr. BR Ambedkar in cementing the society for the welfare and happiness of the entire society. Mr. Marasandra Muniyappa President Kar. BSP, Mr. N. Mahesh Convenor, KAR.BSP, Mr. Gopinath, Vice-President Kar. BSP and Koramangala Muniyappa explained the elaborate arrangements being  made for the success of the event.
Press Information Bureau
(C.M. Information Campus)
Information & Public Relations Department, U.P.
C.M. inaugurates/lays foundation of public welfare and development schemes costing Rs. 2000 crore on completion of four years of her government
Achievements of my Government very encouraging and excellent in the spheres of law and order, crime control, development and matters related with public interests —Hon'ble Chief Minister ji
State Government took several important and historical decisions in the interests of poor, neglected and exploited sections of society
BJP, Congress and other opposition parties trying to mislead people
Lucknow: 13 May 2011
The Hon'ble Chief Minister of Uttar Pradesh Ms. Mayawati ji, on the
occasion of the completion of four years of her government today,
inaugurated/laid foundation of various public welfare and development
schemes amounting to Rs. 2000 crore. She said that despite the non-cooperative attitude and step motherly treatment handed out by the
Central Government, her government's achievements were excellent in the
field of law and order, development and matters related with people's
interests. She said that the State Government achieved all these factors
through its own limited resources. She said that these achievements were
encouraging and excellent. She said that the previous governments could
not complete the tasks related with development and public interest in the
last 40 years, but her government completed them in a span of only four
years on the basis of missionary thinking.
The Hon'ble Chief Minister ji was addressing a function organised at
the Dr. Bhimrao Ambedkar Auditorium, Ashiyana here today to mark the
completion of four years of her government. She paid floral tributes on the
statue of Baba Saheb Dr. Bhimrao Ambedkar after her arrival. She also
met with all the responsible office bearers, prominent persons and party
workers gathered at there. The C.M. also inaugurated/laid foundation of
various schemes. These were mainly related with Energy Department,
Drinking Water and Sewerage, Bridge Corporation and PWD. She also
unveiled statue of former Union Minister and Governor late Dr. Rajendra
Kumari Bajpai. Mr. Ashok Bajpai and Mrs. Ranjana Bajpai were also present
on the occasion.Speaking on the occasion, the Hon'ble Chief Minister ji said that owing to missionary thinking and efforts, the jungle-raj, mafia-raj and the
phase of anarchy was ended and rule of law by the law was established all over the State. Several important and historical decisions were taken
which had far-reaching positive effects on the poor, neglected and
exploited sections of the society. During the previous four years, the State
Government adopted the policy of Sarvajan Hitay and Sarvajan Sukhay
which yielded encouraging results for establishing a society based on
Ms. Mayawati ji said that during the regime of the previous government, an atmosphere of jungle-raj, mafia-raj and anarchy had been created all over Uttar Pradesh. The process of development had stopped and corruption was rampant all over the State. She pointed out that after coming to power she put the State back on the track of development.
The Hon'ble Chief Minister ji said that the BJP and other opposition parties had been levelling false allegations of corruption against the State Government, which was totally misleading and baseless. She said that the
BJP had published a book which was based on useless, false and fake facts.
She said that the book had nothing based on facts, which could be taken
seriously by the State Government, the matter could be investigated by it
and the culprit could be punished. She pointed out that the present
government had detected the police recruitment scam, Noida land scam
and food grain scam which occurred during the regime of previous
government and after conducting investigation, those found guilty had
been punished.
The Hon'ble Chief Minister ji said that the State Government had
demanded a special package of Rs. 80,000 crore from the Central
Government to remove backwardness of the State from time to time. But,
the Union Government did not take any positive decision in this regard.
She said that the Central Government even did not provide rightful money
to be given to Uttar Pradesh on time. She said that the Central Government did not provide an amount in the excess of Rs. 21,385 crore to the State Government to be given under various Central Schemes over the last four years.
Referring to the Prime Minister's public meeting held in Banda on 30th
April 2011, Ms. Mayawati ji said that the views expressed by the Hon'ble
Prime Minister ji regarding the development of Bundelkhand, were nothing
more than a political farce. She said that the backwardness of Bundelkhand
was not sudden. Instead, it lagged behind over a period of time since
independence. She said that considering this, the State Government
requested the Central Government to provide a package of Rs. 80,000
crore on 17th July 2007. She pointed out that it included various proposals
for all round development of Bundelkhand costing Rs. 11,000 crore
approximately. Likewise, to remove backwardness of Poorvanchal, a
package of Rs. 36,000 crore had been demanded which was included in the
Rs. 80,000 crore package demanded by the State from the Centre. The Hon'ble Chief Minister ji said that the State Government was in favour of small states for rapid development and effective administration.
She said that she had been continuously demanding reorganisation of U.P.
and creation of Poorvanchal, Bundelkhand and Western U.P. as separate
States. She said that she had requested the Central Government to find
out permanent solution for the problem of floods affecting terai and
eastern areas. These floods were being caused by the rivers originating
from Nepal. Besides, she had also demanded from the Centre to set up
another bench of Hon'ble Allahabad High Court in the western U.P., to
amend the list of BPL families and include 16 castes of OBCs in SC list. She
regretted that these demands were still pending with the Centre.
Ms. Mayawati ji said that the Government was committed to ensure
State's development through its own limited resources and prepared
projects like Ganga Express Way and Upper Ganga Canal, Jewar
International Airport on the basis of PPP which did not attract any money
from the Centre. Yet, the Central Government did not give permission for
these schemes and the same were still pending with the Centre. She said
that the States were being allocated resources under the federal system.
She pointed out that earlier the Central Government was allocating only
30.5 per cent to the States from the Central taxes and presently it was
allocating only 32 per cent of the same and it kept 68 per cent with it and
spent this amount on its sweet will on various schemes. Likewise, the
attitude of the Government of India remained callous in the allotment of
Central share to the State.
The Hon'ble Chief Minister ji said that her Government had undertaken several steps to improve power sector during the last four years. She said that if the Central Government did not interfere in it, then the people of the State would get huge relief by 2014. She said that for the first time, her Government was spending about Rs. 2176 crore to improve the basic amenities in the ancient, historical and prominent cities of the State. She said that her Government had taken an important decision through which the process of election of mayors, chairpersons of Nagar Palika and Nagar Panchayat had been amended and their election had been made indirect with an objective to ensure better understanding between chairpersons and corporators. She said that this arrangement already existed in several states even today. She said that all the opposition parties should welcome the steps taken by the BSP Government in the interest of people, but the opposition parties instead of appreciating it were indulging in ugly politics.
Ms. Mayawati said that her government had done significant works to
provide employment to youth instead of giving unemployment allowance.
She said that the state government had recruited about 1.9 lakh sanitary
workers, 88,000 primary teachers and 5,000 urdu teachers. Besides,
recruitment process had been started on 2.25 lakh posts in police
department after sanctioning of these posts. Lakhs of people got
employment in non-government sectors. Backlog of SC/ST posts were filled by launching drive and ban on government jobs for general category was
lifted, she added.
The Hon'ble Chief Minister ji said that her government had started
Uttar Pradesh Mukhyamantri Mahamaya Garib Arthik Madad Yojna to
provide financial assistance of Rs. 400 per month to poor people deprived
from the benefits of BPL list and Antyodaya Yojna. She said that her
government had also made arrangements to plead the cases of poor BPL
card holders and beneficiaries of Uttar Pradesh Mukhyamantri Mahamaya
Garib Arthik Madad Yojna in which government is not the party.
The Hon'ble Chief Minister ji said that her government had honoured
the great heroes of social change. She said that these great men were
overlooked during earlier governments owing to their casteist mentality.
Memorials, museums, garden, parks and other spots had been established
in the memory of saints, gurus and great men, especially Mahatma Jyotiba
Phule, Chhatrapati Shahuji Maharaj, Sri Narayana Guru, Baba Saheb Dr.
Bhimrao Ambedkar and Manyavar Sri Kanshiram Ji. Expenditure of less
than one percent of the total budget of U.P. had been done on these works.
The Hon'ble Chief Minister ji said that her government faced strong
challenges on the issues of law & order, crime control, development and
public welfare. She said that 'criminalization of politics' and 'politicisation of
criminals' were protected earlier at every level and there was complete
jungle raj in the state. Corruption was at the top and the entire government machinery failed owing to it. It was a difficult and challenging task to improve the failed system and her government took several hard decisions on priority basis.
Criticising the statement of BJP National President Mr. Nitin Gadkari
regarding her and BSP on 26 April 2011 in Varanasi, she said that the
language used by Mr. Gadkari clearly stated that he did not belong to a
cultured family. She said that many persons of her party had suggested
BSP leaders that reply should be given to BJP National President in the
same language. But, BSP leaders replied that their National President was
born and brought up in a cultured family, therefore she could not reply in
the language of Gadkari.
The Hon'ble Chief Minister ji said that BJP, Congress and other
opposition parties were trying to mislead the people of the state. Scams
worth crores of rupees had been exposed recently which took place in the
regime of Congress led UPA government and Congress government in
Delhi. She suggested the people of the state and her party to remain
cautious towards the tactics of these parties and said that opposition
parties were putting false allegations of corruption on her party and
government officers. She said that if her government had ordered inquiry
into the cases during the regimes of opposition parties, then maximum
Ministers and Officers had been found involved in the corruption. She said
that if her government had wished to make inquires regarding the works
being done during the regimes of opposition parties, then it would have been exposed before the people, but half of energy of her government remained engaged in it, which was not proper. She said that instead of doing it, her government had given the opportunity to those officers and employees for improvement who had been made corrupt during the regimes of these parties' governments.
The Hon'ble Chief Minister ji said that her party welcomed the efforts
of those organizations and institutions which raised their voice against
corruption in any form. She said that so far as the question of raising the
voice against corruption by Anna Hajare and his supporters is concerned,
some people considered that they are playing in the hands of political
parties. It is clear from the fact that several scams took place in
Maharastra, the home state of Anna Hajare and other nearby states but
instead of movement against corruption there, Mr. Hajare launched
movement in Uttar Pradesh, which makes it clear that these persons are
playing in the hands of political parties having anti-SC/ST mentality owing to
which no person of SC/ST community was made member in the civil society
constituted for drafting Lok Pal Bill. She said that the same attitude was of
the Central Government and if needed, her party could organize
demonstrations and public meetings in the entire country to expose this
dual character. She said that owing to entry of criminal elements in
politics, corruption spread on a large scale in the country for which
Congress, BJP and other opposition parties are responsible.
On this occasion, a film was exhibited based on the achievements of
four years of the government. The Students of CMS and Artists of Culture
Department presented programme. The Hon'ble Chief Minister ji announced
prize money of Rs. 10 and 05 lakhs for the CMS students and Artists of
Culture Department respectively. She also released a book based on the
achievements of four years of the state government.
Earlier, the Senior Cabinet Minister Mr. Nasimuddin Siddiqui,
Chairman of State Advisory Council Mr. Satish Chandra Mishra, BSP State
President Mr. Swami Prasad Maurya, Social Welfare Minister Mr. Indrajit
Saroj, Cabinet Secretary Mr. Shashank Shekhar Singh and Chief Secretary
Mr. Anup Mishra welcomed the Chief Minister. The Chief Secretary also
welcomed other guests and Additional Cabinet Secretary Mr. Raveendra
Singh expressed his gratitude towards the guests. The Commissioner of
Lucknow and Secretary Information Mr. Prashant Trivedi conducted the
Hon'ble C.M. greets people on Maharshi Parashuram Jayanti
Lucknow: 05 May, 2011
The Hon'ble Chief Minister of Uttar Pradesh Ms.
Mayawati ji has greeted the people of the State on the
occasion of Maharshi Parashuram Jayanti.
In a greetings message, the Hon'ble Chief
Minister said that Maharshi Parashuram constantly
made efforts to fight against injustice and atrocity for
the welfare of mankind. She said that the ideals and
personality of Maharshi Parashuram inspire us to
follow the path of goodness.


Cong, BJP trying to do away with SC/ST reservation: Maya

Cong, BJP trying to do away with SC/ST
reservation: Maya
Madurai : BSP leader and Uttar Pradesh Chief Minister Mayawati has
alleged that both Congress and BJP were trying to do away with
reservation system introduced by B R Ambedkar for the uplilftment of
SCs and STs.
Accusing the two parties of failure to
improve the socio-economic
conditions of SC/STs and other oppressed classes, she claimed BSP was
the only party that followed the footsteps of Ambedkar and fulfilled
his dreams of social transformation in general and SC/ST emancipation
in particular.
Addressing an election meeting in
support of her party candidates in
the April 13 Tamil Nadu Assembly polls, she said her government had
done a lot for economically poor among the upper castes in Uttar
Pradesh besides helping the oppressed classes.
In Uttar Pradesh, there was reservation
for poor people of the upper
caste also. Her party was dependent on not only SC/STs, but poor and
middle class people of all the castes, Mayawati said.
She asked the people of Tamil Nadu to teach a lesson to the Congress,
DMK and AIADMK and make BSP a force in the state.

How Media Distorted Land Scam of RSS Trust?
Though land was allotted on 27.1.06 when as per Supreme Court order Babu Ram Gaur was Chief Minister and had replaced Uma Bharti earlier than 8.07.2004 but Press reported. The land was allotted in 2004 to the Kushabhau Thakre Memorial Trust by the then BJP government of Madhya Pradesh headed by Uma Bharti.
Press also didn't disclose SC comments 34. The allotment of land by the State or its agencies/instrumentalities to a body/organization/institution which carry the tag of caste, community or religion is not only contrary to the idea of Secular Democratic Republic but is also fraught with grave danger of dividing the society on caste or communal lines.
RSS BJP manipulates press or corrupts the press.
Ravinder Singh
April11, 2011
(ii) Although, letter dated 18.6.2004 was addressed to the Principal Secretary, the same was actually handed over to Shri Babu Lal Gaur, the then Minister, Housing and Environment, Madhya Pradesh. He forwarded the same to the Principal Secretary for immediate action. The latter directed that steps be taken for placing the matter before the reservation committee. Simultaneously, letters were issued to Commissioner-cum- Director, Town and Country Planning, Bhopal (respondent No.3) and Collector, Bhopal (respondent No. 4) to send their respective reports.
(iii) Respondent No.3 submitted report dated 8.7.2004 indicating therein that as per Bhopal Development Plan, land comprised in Khasra Nos.83 and 85/1 was reserved for residential and plantation purposes and Khasra No.85/2 was non government land. After going through the same, the Principal Secretary, Housing opined that land cannot be reserved for the Memorial Trust. However, Shri Rajendra Shukla, State Minister, Housing and Environment recorded a note that he had requested the Coordinator of the trust to send a revised proposal to the Government and directed that the new proposal be put up before him.
(v) While the process initiated for reservation of land was at a preliminary stage, Shri Kailash Joshi submitted an application dated 31.7.2004 to the Registrar, Public Trust, Bhopal (for short, `the Registrar') under the Madhya Pradesh Public Trusts Act, 1951 (for short `the 1951 Act') for registration of a trust in the name of respondent No. 5 by describing himself and S/Shri M. Venkaiah Naidu, Lal Krishna Advani, Balwant P. Apte and Sanjay Joshi as Trustees. In the application, Shri M. Venkaiah Naidu was shown as the first President of the trust and Shri Kailash Joshi as its Secretary and Managing Trustee.
(xv) For next about seven months, the matter remained under correspondence between different departments of the State Government. During the interregnum, Shri Babu Lal Gaur became Chief Minister of the State. On 24.10.2005, he directed that matter relating to allotment of land to respondent No.5 be put up in the next meeting of the Cabinet scheduled to be held on 26.10.2005. On the same day, Secretary, Revenue Department submitted a detailed note and suggested that keeping in view the limited resources available with the State Government, land should be auctioned so that the administration may garner maximum revenue. His suggestion was not accepted by the Council of Ministers, which decided to allot 20 acres land in the name of the Memorial Trust at the rate of Rs.40 lakhs per hectare. The decision of the State Government was communicated to respondent No. 4 vide order dated 27.1.2006.
SC cancels BJP govt's land largesse to trust
By Gyanant Singh in New Delhi
Kushabhau Thakre Trust allotted land in Bhopal even before it was registered
THEBJP was left red- faced on Wednesday after the Supreme Court quashed the allotment of 20 acres of land in Bhopal to a trust named after late party leader Kushabhau Thakre.
A bench comprising Justice G. S. Singhvi and Justice A. K. Ganguly directed the state government to take back the possession of the land and refund the amount deposited by the trust within a period of 15 days.
Noting that the land was allotted without issuing any advertisement inviting applications, the court said: “What needs to be emphasised is that the State and/ or its agencies/ instrumentalities cannot give largesse to any person according to the sweet will and whims of the political entities and/ or officers of the State.†The land was allotted in 2004 to the Kushabhau Thakre Memorial Trust by the then BJP government of Madhya Pradesh headed by Uma Bharti.
The trust, which wanted to start an institute, had applied for a plot even though no advertisement had been issued by the state government.
The court order came on a petition filed by NGO Akhil Bhartiya Upbhokta Congress, a Bhopal- based consumer group.
It had challenged the government's decision on the grounds that the land at Bavadiya Kalan was given in advance and at a throwaway price to the trust in violation of the laws. The allotment was allegedly made even before the trust was registered.
The NGO approached the Supreme Court in appeal after the Madhya Pradesh High Court refused to interfere with the allotment.
Allowing the appeal, the Supreme Court said there cannot be any policy, much less a rational policy, of allotting land on the basis of applications made by individuals, bodies, organisations or institutions de hors an invitation or advertisement by the State or its agency/ instrumentality. Justice Singhvi, who wrote the judgment for the bench, said the state cannot exclude other eligible persons from lodging a competing claim.
The court noted that the objective of the trust was laudable, but the fact remained that “all its trustees are members of a particular party and the entire exercise for the reservation and allotment of land and waiver of major portion of the premium was undertaken because political functionaries of the state wanted to favour respondent No. 5 (the trust) and the officers of the state at different levels were forced to toe the line of their political masters. BJP leaders L. K. Advani, Venkaiah Naidu, Kailash Joshi (Bhopal MP), Balwant P. Aptey (Rajya Sabha member from Maharashtra) and Sanjay Joshi (party general- secretary) are among the members of the trust.
The court said no exception can be taken to the use of discretion by political functionaries and officers of a state, but such discretion has to be exercised in a judicious manner without any discrimination against anyone.
Parties in Madhya Pradesh reacted to the SC order on predictable lines. While the BJP was circumspect, the Congress hailed the directive and turned fire- power against the state government.
We will comment on the judgment only after we get an authorised copy of it,state BJP spokesperson Hitesh Vajpayee said. Chief minister Shivraj Singh Chauhan adopted a similar line. I will comment only after going through the copy of the judgment, he said.
BJP sources said the party's strategy would be to try and neutralise the issue. However, the Congress is unlikely to allow its rival to put the issue into cold storage. Party MLA Ajay Singh said: For too long, the ruling party has been giving prime lands at throwaway prices not only in Bhopal but all over Madhya Pradesh.
Inputs from Anup Dutta/ Bhopal


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MUMBAI, February 24, 2011

Alleged urban land scam: BJP defends Raj Purohit

'No question of his resignation from post or party'
The Bharatiya Janata Party on Wednesday backed its Mumbai president Raj Purohit after his name came up in a land scam and said there was no question of his resignation from the post or party.
On Tuesday, the Bombay High Court directed the CBI to file FIRs against Mr. Purohit, a former Minister of State for Urban Development in the Shiv Sena-BJP government, and other revenue officers.
Welcoming the CBI probe into the scam, BJP State president Eknath Khadse told journalists that Mr. Purohit, when he was Minister, could not have passed any orders as alleged by the State.
"No Minister ever signed orders issued by the State government," Mr. Khadse clarified. "If Mr. Purohit is guilty, investigate the case and punish him; but if there is no proof, then he has to be cleared."
Mr. Purohit's name figured in a scam in Pune, allegedly in violation of the Urban Land Ceiling and Regulation Act (ULCRA). It will now be investigated by the CBI instead of the CID.
A Division Bench of the court issued the order based on a report submitted by former IAS officer Sudhakar Joshi, who was appointed to probe the scam by the government in 2009. A copy of the report is with the court.
Mr. Khadse said Mr. Purohit could seek relief from the Supreme Court since he was not summoned by the Joshi Committee to explain his stand.
He added that the principles of natural justice were denied to Mr. Purohit and he could approach the Supreme Court.
Mr. Khadse alleged that Mr. Purohit's name was being dragged into the case to divert attention from the real culprits, and that the government was shielding an officer close to the State Home Minister and a former Deputy Chief Minister.
Mr. Khadse said he and BJP leader Gopinath Munde had raised the land scam in the legislature in 2007 and 2008, and there was no mention then of Mr. Purohit.
The High Court, while hearing the public interest litigation filed by BJP spokesperson Madhav Bhandari, stated that the land scam was bigger than the 2G spectrum scandal.

[issuesonline_worldwide] Kanimozhi VS Nitin Gadkari – The Most Crooked & Corrupt

·         Ravinder Singh
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Monday, 25 April 2011 10:49 PM
Kanimozhi VS Nitin Gadkari – The Most Crooked & Corrupt 
We all condemn corruption of Kanimozhi for Rs. 200 crores transferred in to her TV channel swiftly but there is not yet a line about Nitin Gadkari corruption since 1999 that is ten times larger than her – 
- There was NO open bidding for 'Distillery' and Sugar Mill projects that was initially a cooperative but converted in to Private, acquiring 250 acres of farm land, along side installed 22 MW cogen plant even as there was no Sugar Cane for his plant, he ran it on Coal not procured from Coal India but from Smugglers, he also got clearances for 540MW thermal project, acquired two Sugar Mills and other projects. 
Gadkari corrupted every institution. 
Ravinder Singh
April26, 2011
First thing Nitin Gadkari did when BJP came to power was to acquire 'Distillery' license that would ensure Rs.2 crores per day profits though it was under the pretensions of helping Sugar Farmers to earn more and setting up of a Sugar Mill. 
This case study is crucial as this Purti Sugar Mill was the first major venture undertaken by Nitin Gadkari – for an ex Minister and close to RSS BJP NDA every rule was broken to promote him. 
There was no sugar cane cultivation area in the normal operating range of the Project Site yet he was allowed to set up a Sugar Factory. 
Sugar mill required just 25 acres of land but Nitin Gadkari was allowed 250 acres for 22 MW Cogen power project – even Maruti Car factory had 100 acres land. 
When we in UP were opposed to 2500 acres for 10,000 MW project in Dadri, he silently grabbed 250 acres for 22MW cogen plant with eye on 500MW coal based project. 
In addition he also managed to get license for 'Distillery Complex Also' and Ethanol project as well with capacity of 45,000 & 120,000 Liters Per Day. Distillery and Ethanol plants are identical. 
As I said earlier like a pig he looks left but runs right, though in original plan he wanted Purti Cooperative Sugar Mill – he turned a Cooperative to private company. 
165,000 proof liters per day is 412500 liters per day or 5,50,000 bottles per day of alcoholic drinks. Even Rs.50 per bottle profit is Rs.2.7 crores per day income or Rs. 2 crores per day profits.  
Ravinder Singh
February18, 2011 
M/s Purti sugar mill is situated at Khursapar (Bela) village near about 60 KM from Nagpur at national highway (Nagpur-Chandrapur) in Umred Taluka. This complex has been started within the leadership of Shri. Nitinji Gadkari, Chairman, who had laid the foundation stone of this multiproduct complex, which in the years to come would be the ideal example for whole Indian sugar industry sector. 
This multiproduct complex is spread over 250 Acres and consist of the
• Sugar complex -capacity 2500 TPD/day (tons per day)
• Distillery complex- capacity Sprit– 45,000 KLPD (kilo liters per day) Ethanol– 1,20,000 KLPD
• Co-generation complex( capacity 22 MW)
• Bio-disel complex capacity (3000 liters/day)
• Bio-composting unit
Sugar Complex
The sugar industry began its crushing operation in 2002 with a capacity of 2500 TPD. of cane per day. But eventually operating a sugar factory in an area where small number of farmers are planting sugar cane which is insufficient to assure the operation of the sugar factory would not have been commercially viable. This year the restriction of the command area has been removed by the government which in turns helps the industry to procure the sugarcane from outside the command area.
In this region water table is very low therefore water scarcity problem is very high as compare to other sugarcane growing region. This sugar factory has an enormous importance for the surrounding community.
Being located in the rural area, it provides employment opportunity and increases secondary business in the area. During the harvesting season, the cane is taken to the mill mostly by tractors (single & doubled trolley), bullock cart, and trucks. This year, most of the sugar cane came from the nearby areas like Wardha , Nanded, Selu, which approximately takes 6 to 8 hrs, while in case of Madhya Pradesh it takes more than 12 to 15 hrs.
Harvesting is done by hand. Sugarcane cutting is a hard and dirty job, but provides employment to people in nearby areas where jobs are scarce. Sugarcane is cut at about ground level, the top green leaves are chopped off and then the stalk is bundled. Once a complete bundle has been assembled, it is removed from the field with the help of labourers and transferred to a larger vehicle for transport to the mill. The harvested sugar cane should be crushed within 24 hrs. to get a good recovery of sugar. Therefore every sugar mill has provided transportation and harvesting facility to the farmers on nominal charges, which ultimately provides secondary employment to the nearby communities.
In general, almost all sugar mills depend for their supplies of sugar cane on large number of independent farmers, producing the crop for profits. If the yield per hectare is improved, the benefit goes to the growers while if the cane is rich enough in sugar content; it becomes profitable to the mills. Therefore cane
growing and milling are essentially a joint enterprise what helps the grower helps the miller and vice- versa.
Sugarcane considered as a alternative crop in this area, most of the farmers go for the cotton, some of them cultivating orange, which in this area, gives a good income to the farmers. As this mill has started operating only recently, the mill at present does not have an agriculture development department but through traditional channels, they are in touch with the farmers and purchase sugar cane from nearby areas. The harvesters which are deployed by the mill are mostly from the area where the sugarcane growing and harvesting is a traditional
business like western Maharashtra, Maratwada & Andhra Pradesh. They are largely migrated workers who live nearby to the factory in small tents (Zopadi). 
They harvest the crop and then load it on to the vehicle in presence of the crop owner (Farmer). Each group of harvester consists of 8-10 members. The transporting agent gets the slip signed by the farmer and goes to the weighing and crushing center. Weighing is located near to the crushing center. Once the weighing has being carried out, mill officials will note down the entry of the crop weight, name of crop owner and the vehicle number, for further procedure. The payment of the crop will directly be deposited in the account of each farmer or can be paid directly. The sugarcane vehicles is then unloaded at the crushing centre with the help of lifters, the lifted bundle of sugarcane is then conveyed
to the cane leveler where it is cut and chipped. The cut cane blanket is then fed to tandem of mill, wherein it is crushed and the juice is extracted. The manager needs to process the cane as soon as possible if sucrose losses are to be avoided. Typically, cane is processed within 24 hours after harvesting. Following
are the steps, which are involved in the manufacturing of sugar.
Extraction of juice: The extraction is actually conducted as a counter-current process using fresh hot water being pumped at one end in the opposite direction to the cane. The more the water is used, the more is the sugar extracted but the more dilute the mixed juice, hence more energy will be required to evaporate the juice. In many factories, the cane is crushed in a series of large roller mills similar to a mangle [wringer] and the sweet juice extracted. Generally juice looks pretty dirty, because of contamination with soil particles from the fields, small
fibers and the green extracts from the plant. There are several important aspects to extraction which involve the energy balance of the mill, the efficiency of extraction and therefore ultimately the profitability of operations. The fibrous cane material after the extraction of juice is called the bagasse
Clarification: -The extracted juices are then heated to 60-65o c in juice heater and passed to reaction tank where the liming and sulphitation takes place. This limed and sulphited juice is pumped back to a 'clarifier' after heating to 100o c. which remains there for about 3 hr. During this stage in the clarifier, the heavy insoluble impurities, mostly soil and mud are precipitates which are then pumped to a vacuum filter, which remove the liquid portion from the mud, while the solid muddy portion is taken out of the mill building. This is used as manure or can serve as raw material for the extraction of crude wax.
Boiling: -The raw juice is now clarified and is called the clarified juice. It is then passed through a set of evaporator which boils the excess water under vacuum
concentrating it gradually, as it passes from one evaporator to another. Finally concentrated juice called the sugar syrup is sent to the pan floor wherein the final
crystallization takes place, under vacuum. The evaporation is carried out under vacuum.
Crystallization: - A viscous solid mass consisting of sugar crystals and mother liquor is dropped in the crystallizer and it then passes through the pug mills
to centrifugal machines. Due to very high gravity factor, the viscous mother liquor passes through the opening in the liner and the sugar is retained on the screen and the sugar is then dropped in hopper.
Grading & Packaging:-
The sugar is then passed on to a unit called grader, which grades the sugar in different grades and in different sizes as per the Indian sugar standards. At present, Purti is producing S-30 which is around Rs. 30– 100 less than M-30 grade of sugar. The sugar is bagged in the pre-stamped gunny bags, weighed; the grades and number marked on the bags and these bags are stored in godowns and are finally sold. The transportation of sugar from mill to market is mostly carried out by road. Though the Indian sugar industry is more concentrated in rural part of India but the area is well connected with most of the metropolitan cities in India.
Distillery Complex
The by-product generated from the production of sugar is sent to the down stream industry. Molasses, generated from sugar manufacturing finds its way to the distillery industry which is adjacent to the sugar complex, where it is used as a raw material to produce various industrial chemicals, alcohol, and power biofuels. Presently M/s Purti Co-operative Sugar Mill has a well equipped distillery complex for production of Sprit and Ethanol with installed capacity of 45,000 KLPD of sprit and 1,20,000 KLPD of ethanol which is an important basic feed stock for manufacture of various chemicals. These chemicals are good substitutes for petrochemicals and petrol based chemicals in India. The waste water produced is treated in the effluent treatment plant and then treated water is recycled for on-site use, sent back to the river or used to irrigate the cane-farms.
Molasses stream.
The fibrous cane material left after the extraction of juice, called bagasse goes to the boiler, wherein the same is burnt producing steam and electricity. At present M/s Purti Co-operative Sugar Mill is producing 2 MW electricity that powers the mill to process sugar from cane juice and alcohol in distillery industry.
M/s Reliance Industries has recently signed an electricity purchase
agreement of 22 MW with Purti. The bagasse is being stored into a open ground. The construction of full fledge co-generation plant is ongoing. Very soon it will start working to its full capacity. the two multi fuel boiler has been constructed with installed capacity i.e. working pressure 22 KG and 67 KG respectively
Bio-Disel Complex 
Purti Sakhar Karkhana is one of its kind which has a bio-diesel plant. This plant was started to cope up with the power shortage and fuel problem. When the sugar complex was in the preliminary stage there was a lot of vehicles and generator use to work for 24 hr. which consume huge amount of fuel and accounted for the extra cost to the mill, which prompted Mr. Gadkari chairman
of this mill and he had started the bio-disel plant with an installed capacity of 3000 liters as a solution to the problem. This complex has started to make biodisel from cotton seed oil and Jatropa (local name karanji) cotton seed which is locally available in good quantity and quality. Presently all the vehicles ,generators and other instruments which need petroleum fuel are running on biodisel produced by M/s Purti Co-operative Sugar Mill.
Bio-composting unit
Spent wash generated from the distillery, sludge from ETP and excess of bagasse is used as a filler material for bio-composting, The produced compost is then supplied to the farmers at nominal cost.
1) Mill should take up a sort of programme to encourage the nearby farmers for sugarcane plantation.
2) There are very few water irrigation schemes in this area therefore mill can think to develop water reservoirs and provide irrigation facility on subsidized rate.
3) As practiced in the western Maharashtra mill can think for the bio-gas generation plant.
4) Mill have to undertake few rain water, rooftop rain water and ground water recharging projects in the area.
5) It is highly recommended that mill should established agriculture development department.
Mr. Nitinji Gadkari, Chairman
Mr. Sudhir Diwe, Managing Director
Mr. D. R. Jadhav, Works Manager (Sugar)
Mr. Sandeep Mendjoge, Sr. Executive Admin.
M/s Purti Sakhar Karkhana Ltd.
2nd floor, Khadi Gramodyog Bhavan, Gandhisagar,
Mahal, Nagpur-440 002
Maharashtra, India

[issuesonline_worldwide] Half Pants Nazis, BJP and RSS Bid for 'Fourth Reich' - Exclusive

Tuesday, 5 April 2011 12:39 PM
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Half Pants Nazis, BJP and RSS Bid for 'Fourth Reich' - Exclusive 

Half Pants in a recent meet disclosed for the first time its agenda of hiring 10,000 RTI and PIL activists all over India to destabilize Government of India, that I already knew except that it is ten times larger than my estimation. 

I always maintain RSS BJP have communal agenda from founding days 86 years ago as a strategy to protect upper caste, Bania Traders in particular. 

But its two successive Losses that meant it shall be out of power for 2x365 days when it could enjoy one full term after winning highest number of seats in the Lok Sabha with chances of its win next elections and forming 'Fourth Reich' becoming a distant possibility with so many 'Unemployable Leaders' who can shout but do nothing was difficult to sustain. 

There are some election or other every no and then at Center and in 35 states from Panchayat to President, all requiring funds when it had yet to return Loans and Advances taken for 2004 and 2009 elections and therefore lost credibility to get more in 2013 so it adopted low cost approach to defame Government of India. 

Rules and Regulations for all sectors including Telecom and 2G were framed by BJP Half Pants that are being abused first by its own Promod Mahajan, Khanduri, Shourie, Ram Naik, Suresh Prabhu in Telecom, NHAI, Petroleum & Gas, Power & Rivers etc. 

Half Pants had not done anything to Plug The Holes in Governance that they created to facilitate Looters in seven years and they actually want to 'Persist With Loot Program on Return to Power'. 

Ravinder Singh
Inventor & Engineer 
April05, 2011

Desperate Nazis planned to kill Allied leaders with spiked whisky 

London: Nazi dictator Adolf Hitler's henchmen got so desperate in the dying months of World War II that they planned to use poisoned chocolate, coffee and whisky to assassinate Allied leaders, de-classified documents reveal. 

The Nazi henchmen also planned to create a "Fourth Reich" by sending secret agents to start unrest and promote fascism all over the globe, according to the files. 

Both schemes were concocted in the dying months of the war, when Hitler was certain to lose and the Allies were poised to take control of Europe. They were revealed by Nazi agents, captured by British intelligence in 1945. 

Details have now been made public for the first time in British spy agency MI5 files published at the National Archives in Kew, London. 

One memo says the poison plot was the subject of a Berlin conference in October 1944. Assassins were told they could put lethal substances in whisky, schnapps and wine, or inject killer chemicals into sausages. 

But Allied soldiers were warned not to eat German food and chocolate and coffee samples were sent back to London for analysis, the documents have revealed. Other secret weapons included cigarette lighters that gave off lethal fumes and poison pills disguised as aspirins. PTI 

Jewish extremist plotted to kill Churchill during World War II, reveal MI5 papers 

AJewish extremist, who killed a UK minister during World War II, also plotted to assassinate the then PM Winston Churchill in a bid to shatter the nation's morale, declassified documents reveal. Eliyahu Bet-Zuri suggested sending agents of the Stern Gang, a Zionist paramilitary group devoted to forcing the British out of Palestine, to UK to kill the wartime PM, according to the British spy agency MI5 files. In fact, Bet-Zuri suggested that Churchill should be a target in November 1944. However, the MI5 did not learn of the idea until the following year when a member of the group was arrested. PTI 

NGO writes to Prez for inquiry against ex-CJI 


New Delhi: An NGO, Committee on Judicial Accountability and Reforms (COJAR), on Monday wrote to the President and the Prime Minister to initiate inquiry into alleged corruption charges against National Human Rights Commission chairman and former Chief Justice of India K G Balakrishnan. 

In a letter signed by the organization's working committee member and advocate Prashant Bhushan, COJAR requested them to send a "reference to the Supreme Court for inquiry into misbehaviour of Justice K G Balakrishnan under Section 5(1) of the NHRC Act" to commence the process of his removal as head of the apex human rights body. 

Listing out allegations against him in connection with alleged disproportionate assets amassed by his relatives during his tenure as the Chief Justice of India from 2007 to 2010, the NGO said the accusations had cast a shadow on Justice Balakrishnan's integrity.

Land scam: RSS questions K'taka CM's role

Wednesday, 17 November 2010

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